12 February 2008

Soggy Tuesday Afternoon Links

I like to read the Mental Floss blog. A lot of the links come from or are linked from the Mental Floss site.

First, a hilarious Best Venn Diagram Ever.

Next, the retro fun and games house.

The last Mental Floss link, nine little-known facts about Abraham Lincoln. I like this one:

In 1842, Lincoln accepted a challenge to a duel from James Shields, the Democratic State auditor. Shields was furious over a satiric letter in a local paper. Actually, the letter had been written by Lincoln’s fiancee, Mary Todd, but Lincoln willingly took responsibility. Since he was given the choice of weapons, Lincoln, with typical cunning, selected broadswords–with his 6′4″ frame and his enormous arms, Lincoln had an insurmountable advantage over his disminutive opponent when it came to dueling with swords. Shields wisely decided to make up his differences with Lincoln and the scheduled duel failed to take place.

Finally... found via Neil Gaiman's blog, an upcoming children's book.


At 13 February, 2008 23:58, Blogger Andy said...

That Venn diagram = trvth. Right now, I'm happy.


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