20 January 2008

The Weekend

Friday afternoon turned out to be quite busy. I didn't get a chance to work as much on a project as I had intended.

The reason why I didn't get to work on the project as much as anticipated? Something came up, as always.

We've noticed that we've not received some magazine titles lately, which meant that I had to check the website of our subscription service and send some email inquiries. I think that I'm finished with that project for the time being.

The college has also established email accounts for students this semester, and any official emails will be sent to their accounts. Faculty and staff members can also use these email accounts.

Now, I already have an email account thanks to the college; it's just that faculty and staff access to these accounts will allow students to be able to contact college employees more easily. At least, that's my interpretation.

I'm not a fan of keeping up with multiple email accounts. I must have six email accounts now. At least I'm able to forward emails sent to my new college email account to my old account.

I listened to a little of the MSU-Alabama basketball game yesterday afternoon. I also picked up my new glasses and went to Buffalo Wild Wings for food, Buzztime trivia, and the Ole Miss-Auburn game.

Now, I'm in Hattiesburg. I drove here this afternoon. I'm spending the night with my mother and stepfather.

I've got a dental appointment tomorrow morning in Laurel. Yes, this is how I'm spending my holiday.

Hopefully it won't be too bad. I need to remember to charge up the iPod. If I'm going to be in the chair for quite some time, I want to listen to some music.

I'll be back at the college on Tuesday. Maybe I can get some work done next week if I'm not affected too much by whatever pain reliever the dentist prescribes.


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