01 January 2008

Day One

I've had a good break. Being with family and friends during this holiday season was fantastic.

I went to a New Year's party at a friend's house in Belhaven. I had fun socializing. The theme was the 1980s, and well, I was quite pathetic in guessing who my friends were dressed up as-- and I was a teenager in 1980. Pathetic.

It was great seeing friends I'd not seen in several days and several weeks and meeting people. There was one person from my hometown who I'd not seen in years. The last time I'd seen her some ten years ago she was buying Beanie Babies from my mother.

This afternoon I was going to get a bite to eat, and I locked myself out of the house. Joy. And me outside wearing a short sleeve t-shirt. After making a few calls, I got a locksmith to pick the lock. One resolution already broken.

To further solidify my status as the dumb one in the family,1 I found out earlier this week that my oldest nephew aced the SAT. He scored a 1600; he's a National Merit Semifinalist; and like his mother (my older sister) he is graduating from school a year early. I'm not certain but I think that odds are that he'll be going to Duke.

As for me, I go back to work tomorrow. There's a part of me not looking forward to it. I liked being away from the college for a few days.

I spoke to one of my co-workers today. Another co-worker scheduled to be at work tomorrow won't be there. Her husband is under the weather and has an appointment with a doctor.

I might hear from a colleague from another library sometime in the next few days. She likes what I've done with the wiki, and there's a chance I might be doing some sort of presentation at a conference later this year.

1A combination of snark and truth. Yeah, I've got two masters degrees and have twice passed the Jeopardy contestant test, but my sister is a doctor whose research has appeared in national wire service news reports and, consequently, well-known news websites.


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