28 December 2007

Twenty Years

Twenty years ago today, my sister got married here. I remember us leaving Heidelberg at 1 p.m. Christmas Eve. We were in a car and an RV and arrived at Durham at 5 a.m. Christmas Day.

Why the RV and car? Well, my family owned a grocery store and had a catering business on the side, and we catered the wedding reception.

I've had a couple lazy days since Christmas, and lazy days are good days. This afternoon, I helped my mother and stepfather move some stuff from his house to her house, so I've also been somewhat productive.

I still need some time to get away from things, and I've not felt like doing much traveling. When Andy called yesterday saying he had an extra ticket to the Liberty Bowl, I said no-- even though the offer was appreciated. As much as I'd love to see the Bulldogs play, I'm not in a traveling mood. I'm also a bit tired.


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