17 December 2007

Notes and Links


All in all, I had a good weekend. I went to a book signing party Friday evening.

I only knew a few people there: FP, TD, LA, and FP's family. There were some recognizable faces from Artmixes there too. I had fun.

I went to Light + Glass thing after that-- visited with Gorjus who had some of his work in it. It was cool. I bought a copy of the Sandusky Review, and it was good to visit with more people.

I went to Hal & Mal's for a little while afterwards. I chatted with some people at the Dirty Santa Pub Quiz-- I didn't take part seeing that I didn't get there 'til a little after 9, maybe 9:30.

I went to Martin's after that and was there until a little before midnight with friends. I made it back to the house and slept until 11-ish Saturday.

I had to get ready to attend my student workers' wedding, and I did. It was nice, really nice. I then went to Madison to another book signing of the same book. I'd not been to Yellow Dog before. Nice place. I figured belatedly I'd get my mother a copy of the book I got for myself Friday night.

The rest of the weekend, I'd just been taking it easy for the most part and trying to read Sheltering Sky for book club.


Something tells me that they saw The Shawshank Redemption. I'm a bit surprised I've not seen more in the news about such things.

Joe Lieberman endorses John McCain. McCain has had quite the comeback since this past summer. He's also been endorsed by the Boston Globe, Des Moines Register, and the Union Leader of Manchester, New Hampshire.

Dan Fogelberg died. Prostate cancer sucks.


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