14 December 2007

Friday Roundup

2007 Football Playoff Predictions Recap

I went 2-3 in my predictions last week. I correctly predicted Laurel and South Panola, and they were my choices to win 4A and 5A at the beginning of the playoffs. I was 115-42 in my predictions this year.

Wedding Shower

I just got back from a wedding shower a few minutes ago. Two of my former student workers are getting married tomorrow.

As I previously mentioned, Target doesn't do gift wrap, so I wrapped the present so that it looked like an interlibrary loan package. They laughed and asked when it was due back. I said one month, but they could renew it if they'd like.

Holiday Fellowship

One thing I've always enjoyed about this time of the season is being with friends and family-- fellowship. I tend to have a pessimistic outlook on things: I expect the worst; when I'm surprised, it's usually pleasant and good. I plan on having fun the next few days, attending various functions, and I will have fun.


At 14 December, 2007 13:26, Blogger Supermom said...

the wrap sounds creative and unique! perfect.

At 14 December, 2007 13:52, Blogger The Library Guy said...

Yeah, it was unique, and the wrapping was equal parts creative and necessary. :-)


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