20 December 2007

Search Engine Answer Guy #6

Now that the political season is over, let's take a look and see what search queries brought people to this blog site:

1. i need a loan for chrismas posted few minutes ago

Can't help you. I'd suggest one of your local banks in Israel.

2. match.com profiles

Don't do it unless you're willing to laugh at yourself (and others too), as you've noticed from the blog entry where you landed.

3. ole miss coach, andy kennedy

My distant cousin's done a good job so far coaching the basketball team thus far. I hope Ole Miss gets swept by State though.

4. jeopardy contestant book

Try this book out. It's a great read!

5. dolemite stress relief

So you're going with the King of Party Records for stress relief?


At 20 December, 2007 11:23, Blogger otherjay said...

Thanks, James! What do we owe ya?

At 20 December, 2007 11:42, Blogger The Library Guy said...

Just credit it to my tab. :-)


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