19 December 2007

Three Interesting Job Postings

The Mississippi Department of Archives and History is looking for a Historian who would work at the Eudora Welty House. Now that would be a cool job. There's a part of me who wants to apply for this job. Obviously, I can't.

The Southern Poverty Law Center is looking for a Curriculum Writer. I once interviewed for a job at another institution in Montgomery shortly after I received my MLIS. Although I'm not interested in moving, I think Montgomery would be a cool place to live-- despite what Harry thinks.

The Central Intelligence Agency is looking for a librarian, and here's the first sentence of the job posting: Librarians are the U.S. Intelligence Community’s experts in researching, exploiting, and managing a variety information sources. I knew Batgirl was a librarian, but James Bond too? Hmmm.... looking at that sentence again, it looks like of was left out of it.


At 20 December, 2007 09:40, Blogger Supermom said...

exploiting information sources?


At 20 December, 2007 09:45, Blogger The Library Guy said...

I know. I don't know if the CIA is looking for a librarian or an intelligence agent...


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