18 January 2008

Friday Already?

It doesn't seem like it's Friday already. I've been busy.

The college has a new email system for students, and all official emails will be sent to the specific email addresses assigned to the students by the college. I was busy Tuesday morning helping students get their email accounts established.

Tuesday afternoon, I worked with the college's webmaster to make sure that the revisions were good, and I think they are. Some colleagues have made suggestions, and they are good suggestions, so I need to email the webmaster again.

After work Tuesday afternoon, I went to Starkville to see MSU defeat Kentucky in basketball. Jarvis Varnado is awesome.

I made it back to the house at 1 a.m., and I've been tired for the rest of the week. Coffee has been a very good friend of mine the past few days.

After work Wednesday, I got my eyes examined. I'm only a few years away from getting bifocals. I went to a couple of places looking for some decent frames. I've been wearing rimless glasses the past couple years. The styles haven't changed, and I want a slightly different look.

I didn't care too much for what the two places I went to had, so I went to a couple more places yesterday after work and made a selection. There's a chance the glasses could be ready this afternoon, but it'll most likely be tomorrow.

I spent some time yesterday looking through a newly subscribed database. It looks like it's going to be more helpful than I initially thought. My library likes to have hyperlinks to periodicals we have subscribe to that are also available in full-text, and it means more work for me.

The college will be closed Monday, which means a longer weekend for me. I'll be spending Monday morning at the dentist's office undergoing a procedure I mentioned previously, and no, it won't be like this:


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