29 January 2008

Foul as the Weather

Looking outside my office window, I see that the rain is nasty. It doesn't look good. I hate these kind of days.

I tend to be in terrible moods, and I'm not as accepting of idiocy. Thank goodness the day is about over.

I need to get some work done at the house. I've been doing household duties when I'm in the mood. I'm not in the mood, but it has to be completed.

I've been very tense. I need to do something to relax. Although going to basketball games have been fun, it's just not enough.

I tried exercising last year, and well, while it's beneficial, I've just not had the time in the past few months.

Between not waking up early in the mornings thanks to my sleep cycle being shot and being run ragged with work and honey-do projects, I've wanted to relax whenever possible. And I can't. I'm just wound up too much.

Here are some blogs that are intriguing:

I've been a fan of Strange Maps for several months, and I keep wanting to write good things about it on this blog. I keep forgetting. Thanks to Neil Gaiman for reminding me.

Librarian.net recently blogged about two sites I thought were interesting. Books That Make You Dumb is an interesting site. Essentially, it correlates what books are most popular at specific college campuses taking into account the average SAT scores for students.

Not in WorldCat is an interesting site devoted to books not found in WorldCat. There are photographs of the book covers as well as descriptions of the books in question.

Well, the rain has for the moment ended. I hope that's good news as far as my mood's status is concerned.


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