28 January 2008

January Warmth

It's a warmer than usual day for a January day today. I've got another four hours or so until I leave the college.

This past weekend was pretty quiet. I didn't do too much.

I planned on staying at the house Friday. I thought it was going to be pretty bad, but when the temperature rose from 34 to 35 degrees I didn't think it was going to ice over. It didn't.

I went to Hal & Mal's for a little while. I got to visit with some people. I had fun.

I was still pretty quiet though. Maybe it was because I knew I had to be someplace at noon on Saturday, and I was also planning on going to the MSU-Ole Miss basketball game. Here's a play that I (and the people at ESPN) loved:

I thought about going to the JFP's Best of Jackson shindig yesterday, but didn't. I wasn't in the mood for getting out and doing something.

I think I would have had some fun there. I decided to play some Scrabulous and do a little work around the house instead.


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