08 February 2008

An Evening in Jackson; Or, It's Difficult to Type When There's a Bandage on an Index Finger

I took the day off yesterday. I was a bit under the weather.

I think I could have worked, but wanted to make sure that what I had wasn't contagious. And it isn't.

Book club was fun. We discussed American Gods. Most of the book club enjoyed reading and discussing it.

We had to keep it short though. People were tired, and I think some wanted to watch Lost. TC has the next choice, and she's chosen Madame Bovary.

It was another hectic day at work. I had some projects I needed to complete, and I did finish most of what I needed to have done.

I got sidetracked though. I was asked to attend a meeting, and so I did. I suppose it was beneficial. I think though what came up in the meeting simply confirmed my suspicions.

After work, I went to Lemuria to purchase a copy of Madame Bovary and a birthday present for my mother. Her birthday is tomorrow.

I'll be heading to Hattiesburg tomorrow. I think I'll be spending most of the weekend there.


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