01 February 2008

Super Weekend Plans

This semester has been hectic. I welcome the chance to relax, and I will.

A little, anyway.

I'm heading off to Hattiesburg after work to help my mother and stepfather. Apparently, they've got a problem with their wireless router.

I'm thinking that the router might have to be replaced. It's located at a place where items have to be moved and such to get to it (or, to get it out of the way). I think it's been banged around a bit too much.

But I'll find out. Maybe.

Tomorrow, I'm leaving Hattiesburg to go to Starkville. I'll be visiting my pla C and watching MSU play Tennessee in basketball. I hope the Bulldogs win.

I don't know what I'll be doing Sunday. I know I'll be watching the Super Bowl. The question is where.


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