02 April 2008


It's been busy. We were shorthanded this morning. A couple people had appointments and couldn't come in until later in the day.

A person from IT came by the office earlier today and installed the needed programs so that my new work computer can access the network. So far, it appears to be working well, and the email archive looks to be successfully transferred from my old computer.

The email archive is the one thing I've been really worried about losing. I've taught classes in the past, and I wanted to maintain access to emails just in case. There've been a couple times in the past few years when I've needed to access old test modules and email messages.

I finally submitted that proposal for that conference I've blogged about recently. We'll see what happens with that.

I like the way the blog looks with the cosmetic changes that I've made. There are maybe two more minor changes I'll likely make. Other than that, I think the blog will have this look for a while.


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