03 April 2008

83, etc.

At least that's how old my father would be today if he were still living. It's been almost five years since he died.

Now that I've got the new work computer set up, I've got to get accustomed to its nuances. For example, I need to figure what not to do so that I'll have like 30 different calculator windows show up... It's happened a couple times in the past 24 hours.

I've got a meeting to attend off-campus this afternoon, and after that I'd like to see if I can see one of the Crossroads Film Festival movies. Hmmm... the movies I'm most interested in are playing Saturday and Sunday.

I ran across this fascinating blog entry yesterday. I went to MSU with the blogger and graduated from there a year before he did.

I like his hook-- comparing party primary politics and sabermetrics. He believes Clinton will withdraw from the race by the end of the month.


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