15 April 2008

Tuesday Morning

Now that I've almost finished my first cup of coffee, I'm beginning to feel human. Since I've got to be at a meeting later this morning, being human is good.

It was pretty cool day yesterday. It felt nice.

I don't particularly care for the temperature to get too hot too fast, so I welcome nights like last night. I didn't turn on the heater-- even if the temperature in the house went down to 57 degrees.

Today is tax day. Post offices in the area are extending hours.

I don't know why people don't e-file their returns. I e-filed two weeks ago and received my federal and state refunds last week.

Now I wonder if the number of post offices that have extended hours has decreased over the past few years with the advent of e-filing. I know the IRS has encouraged e-filing returns.

Anyway, I've got the meeting. After that, I've got to head back here to work the reference desk.

Then there's the baseball game. I've got a couple interviews and need to write a piece for the newspaper. Hopefully I can maintain my humanity throughout the day.


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