14 April 2008

My Blog as a Webcomic

Heh. I got an email from Jay earlier today. He created the above strip based on this blog entry. I think the comic came out very well. You can also see a larger version of the comic here.

National Library Week is this week. We've got a few functions going on at the library. I'm teaching a continuing education class. I've also got to be at a meeting tomorrow morning.

I received confirmation earlier today that I do indeed have a media credential for tomorrow night's Governor's Cup baseball game between Mississippi State and Ole Miss. I'm not doing a game story. Instead, I'm interviewing two players from the newspaper's coverage area.

I'll won't be doing too much work during the game. The interviews will take place before the game. It looks like I'll also be covering a high school baseball playoff game later this week.

Some links of note...

1. Thomas is in Dubai.

Great photo of the Dubai skyline.

2. Neil Gaiman might look like a panda when he's in New York.

Remember. Be careful of pipe-wielding dogs...

3. People finally love Windows XP.

I'll be a contrarian. I'm liking Vista Business more and more. Of course, it might help that my new work computer has 3 GB of RAM.

4. Botox injections might just be required before going to a job interview.

Interesting statistic here: 30 percent of men and 14 percent of women "who had cosmetic surgery in 2001 say the decision was work-related."


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