17 April 2008

Baseball Virus: Catch It?

I'm still recovering from a stomach virus that knocked me down yesterday. I felt terrible and didn't come in to work at all that day.

I'm feeling better today. That being said, I'm not all here. Today's lunch was the first substantial meal I've had since Tuesday night when I was at the baseball game.

The baseball game was nice. I spent most of the game in the press box-- trying to stay out of the way of the guys who had deadlines.

I talked to some media folks I know. One person had formerly been with the newspaper I still contribute freelance articles. Greg Byrne, MSU's incoming athletics director, was kind enough to introduce himself to me, and we talked very briefly.

Fortunately for me, my story was scheduled to appear in today's newspaper-- meaning that I had more time to work on the story. I had interviewed two baseball players with ties to the newspaper's coverage area before the game.

I spent a good portion of the game working on the story-- getting a rough draft before typing and emailing it. The Braves' press section is small. There are only two permanent rows of desks for press personnel. A third temporary row was created by adding a platform.

I had put some stuff on a table on that row, but had removed them from there well before the game started. And it was a good thing too because a reporter who took the seat that I once had fell backward.

While the platform had enough room for a table and chairs, there wasn't really enough room for people to stretch and relax. Fortunately the reporter who had fallen was able to get up with only a slightly injured dignity.

Since the press section was small, I watched a lot of the game from the home radio booth. I was sitting next to another reporter, and we were behind Bart Gregory, who had radio duties for MSU since Jim Ellis was calling the game on cable, and Everett Kennard.

I stepped out of the press box once to walk around. It was cooler than I thought it would be. I saw one of my colleagues from the college, and we talked for a little while before I headed back upstairs.

I'm working at the library tonight. Another of my co-workers is under the weather and I'd previously said that I work the night. While I'm not 100 percent, things should be well.

Oh, the article I thought that would be in today's newspaper will instead be appearing in a weekend edition. We'll see how it turns out.


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