20 May 2008

Opportunities, Etc.

I heard from a former student of mine yesterday. She's going to graduate school in this program. She mentioned that if a city has more than 60 percent of its residents possessing at least bachelors degrees, then it has to be a good place if they're remaining there.

That being said, I'm sometimes asked why don't I apply for any of the job openings I've mentioned here from time to time. Mostly it's because of the salaries offered and the cost of living.

It's more difficult for a single person to move to places with higher costs of living, so I rarely consider them. And sometimes it's because they're positions I don't believe I possess the qualifications needed.

For example, Key West might be a nice place to live. That being said, housing costs are significantly more and the income is less.

The Wildlife Conservation Society is looking for a Director of Information Resources. That sounds like it would be an interesting position. I don't have the grant writing experience though, and New York is a more expensive place to live.

So I see the jobs and think Oh, that'd be nice. But then I re-examine them and think Yeah, sure, it's a nice place, a nice job, but I wouldn't enjoy life.


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