22 May 2008

Thursday Rain

Today was a frustrating day at work. I didn't get much accomplished thanks to a three-hour power outage. I did maybe one-quarter of what I needed to do.

I've got to get some more things accomplished tomorrow. I want to finish whatever housekeeping duties I've got left before next Thursday.

Next Thursday I'm heading off to Hattiesburg and then Georgia to attend my oldest nephew's high school graduation. My mother is also going. My stepfather isn't. He had already made a commitment before we knew when graduation was occurring.

So my mother and I will be on a road trip, and I've not driven their C 240. They bought it a month ago, and I'll probably take it for a spin sometime this weekend just to get used to the feel. I've seen the key-- looks weird, but then I'm old school.

So that's what's up with me. Not a heck of a lot going on now, but I'll be seeing all sorts of relations next week.

Hopefully it'll be fun even though I'm dreading the long road trip-- and driving through Atlanta.


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