10 June 2008

Absolute Tuesday

The party was this morning. It was nice. Cheesecake is always nice to eat.

I'll likely be heading over to Barnes & Noble to make a purchase. Or I might make one online. I've got a couple things in mind-- Absolute Sandman, v. 1 is one. The Final Reflection, a classic Star TrekTM novel, is another possibility.

Hmmm... Let's see... I've got a 15 percent discount coupon that was emailed to me as well as the gift card and my Barnes & Noble membership...

I think I'll buy both of them online.


And speaking of buying online, Jubilee Jam tickets are available at Ticketmaster. Pezgirl and I will likely go to Friday's performances.

I'm seriously considering going to the Saturday shows. I'd love to see Robert Randolph perform. I wonder if I'll be up to traveling to Hattiesburg on Sunday though.

I've got to think of something to get my stepfather for this weekend. I've no idea what. I just spoke to my mother, and she said she'd think of something.

She also mentioned to me that a cousin of mine died yesterday, a first cousin once removed to be precise. I'm thinking that he might have been the youngest person in his generation in the family-- not even 70 years old. I'd not seen him in several years, and he'd been in poor health. There's a part of me who wishes I could at least make it to the wake this evening, but by the time I make it over there, I don't think I'd see anyone I knew well.


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