04 July 2008

Independence Day

I'm at my mother and stepfather's place at Canebrake. My aunt and uncle are coming in from Indiana and should be here this evening.

It's been relatively quiet. I helped move plants and pots from the courtyard this morning.

I don't know what else I'll do today. Not much, I suppose.

My job interview has been a topic of conversation at the college, which is not a surprise. I know that my dean showed her supervisor the job posting and expected salary for the position, and I also wouldn't be surprised if she mentioned it to others.

Anyway, a colleague at another department had heard I was leaving. I had to tell her that I was second choice and would have been offered the position if the first choice selection declined it. (I did mention that earlier, right? Hmmm... Apparently not.)

Another colleague who'd not seen me in a little over two weeks told me I needed to update my Facebook photo and wondered why I shaved. I told him, and he instantly understood since he has some connections to the place I interviewed.

He is right though. I do need to update my Facebook photo.

Next week, I need to continue work on some projects. It's hard to believe that the fall semester begins next month.

I've got so much I've got to accomplish before the craziness of the fall comes. I've gotten a lot of work done this summer, and there's more to do.


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