12 November 2008

A Consequence of Being Stir Crazy

The sinus crud I've had has given me the appearance of being anti-social. I'm not, but since I've not gone out much over the past couple weeks, I am more than a bit stir crazy.

I've even gotten to the point of looking at the personal ads on Yahoo and Match.com for the first time in several months. I noticed that a couple of colleagues from the college have profiles; however, I'm no fan of workcest.

In general, the profiles were the usual dreck: Christian female ISO Christian male only. Dating prospects online and in real life are still negligible.

Speaking of real life, I've not been doing much. I am, after all, stir crazy. I need to get out and socialize, but not at the risk of relapsing or catching something else while I'm still not quite 100 percent.


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