29 November 2005

Football Playoff Predictions, Week 4

I'm posting my predictions earlier than normal because the MPSA schools begin playing their championship games on Thursday. I went 18-2 last week in my predictions and am now 86 for 112 for the playoffs thus far-- a .768 percentage.

MPSA Finals at Mississippi College

Class A
D1 #1 Lee, Ark. vs. D7 #1 River Oaks

I expected Porter's Chapel to represent the North, but am not all that surprised to see Lee make it to the finals. Lee was the Class A runnerup last year. River Oaks is making its first championship appearance. I saw River Oaks play this season. The Mustangs are a real good Academy A team. I expect them to win in the early afternoon game on Thursday.

Class AA
D2 #1 Simpson vs. D3 #1 Copiah

Simpson is the two-time Class AA champion. Copiah is making their first appearance in a championship game since they won their second consecutive Class AA title in 1981. I've not picked Copiah to win in any of their two previous playoff games and they've won. I'm not picking Copiah this time in the Thursday night game.

Class AAA, Division II
D1 #1 Starkville Aca. vs. D1 #2 Heritage

The Volunteers and Patriots play for the Division II title Friday afternoon. Starkville's a good AAA team & should win the title.

Class AAA, Division I
D1 #1 JA vs. D2 #1 Jackson Prep

The Friday night game. JA versus Prep-- yet again. How many years in a row has it been that these two schools have played each other for the title? It's gotten easier what with this divisional format. Expect the Raiders to be victorious.

MHSAA Semifinals

Class 1A
R2 #2 Coffeeville @ R2 #1 Ray Brooks
R4 #1 Mount Olive @ R4 #2 St. John

With Mize moving up to Class 2A, quite a few people thought that Mount Olive had a good shot at being the South representative. I'm one of them. Weir, a perennial 1A power, found the going tough this season losing to both Brooks and Coffeeville. With Brooks playing at home, expect the home team to win.

Class 2A
R4 #1 Simmons @ R3 #1 West Bolivar
R8 #3 Perry Central @ R8 #1 Lumberton

I'll give the edge to West Bolivar thanks to their home field advantage for the North State title. As far as the South State champs are concerned, it looks like it'll be Lumberton. Hats off to Perry Central though for being the lowest seeded school to make the semifinals and for defeating two #1 seeds-- Heidelberg and Philadelphia.

Class 3A
R3 #1 Senatobia @ R4 #1 Charleston
R7 #1 South Pike @ R6 #1 Hazlehurst

I'm predicting Charleston to end the reign of the defending 3A champions Senatobia in the North State Finals. South Pike has long been picked to be the South representative. Hazlehurst has been impressive this season, but I believe that their season will end Friday night.

Class 4A
R2 #1 Oxford @ R1 #1 West Point
R5 #2 West Jones @ R5 #1 Wayne County

A lot of people have been predicting a West Point-Wayne County matchup for the 4A title. Well, I think Oxford might just win the North State title. Wayne County has been a tough, impressive team. I expect to see a rematch of the 2003 Class 4A championship game.

Class 5A
R1 #2 Olive Branch @ R1 #1 South Panola
R3 #1 Oak Grove @ R3 #2 Meridian

My rule of thumb when predicting 5A games is pretty simple: Pick South Panola. The Oak Grove-Meridian game should be pretty close. I wouldn't be surprised if the Wildcats pull off the upset over the Warriors.

27 November 2005

Football Playoff Predictions, Week 3: The Aftermath

I went 18-2 this week in my predictions-- missing only one 1A playoff game & one 3A playoff game. I correctly predicted the Perry Central win over Philadelphia.

That 90 percent accuracy rate puts me at 86 for 112 for the playoffs thus far-- a .768 percentage.

MHSAA Quarterfinals

Class 1A

R2 #2 Coffeeville 43, R2 #4 Durant 16
R2 #1 Ray Brooks 34, R2 #3 Weir 13
R4 #2 St. John 37, R3 #1 Puckett 25
R4 #1 Mount Olive 41, R3 #2 Lake 9

Three of four correct. Region winners take on their respective runners-up in the semifinals. Expect to see a Mount Olive - Ray Brooks matchup. Coffeeville plays at Brooks in Benoit. The Pirates travel to the coast to play St. John.

Class 2A

R3 #1 West Bolivar 35, R1 #1 Baldwyn 14
R4 #1 Simmons 34, R2 #1 Calhoun City 20
R8 #3 Perry Central 20, R5 #1 Philadelphia 14
R8 #1 Lumberton 33, R7 #2 Mize 12

All four correct. Perry Central is the only non #1 or #2 seed to make it to the semifinals. Defending 2A champ Lumberton hosts and should beat Perry Central and I suppose Simmons might represent the North, but West Bolivar has a good shot as well-- especially since they will be hosting.

Class 3A

R3 #1 Senatobia 26, R4 #2 East Side 12
R4 #1 Charleston 43, R2 #1 Amory 7
R7 #1 South Pike 27,R5 #1 Morton 20
R6 #1 Hazlehurst 34, R8 #1 Greene County 0

Three of four correct. South Pike has long been picked to represent the South, but will need to win at Hazlehurst to fulfill the prognosticators' predictions. If Senatobia is to defend their state championship, they need to avenge their defeat earlier this season to Charleston. The game will be at Charleston.

Class 4A

R1 #1 West Point 14, R2 #2 Clarksdale 7
R2 #1 Oxford 37, R4 #1 West Lauderdale 12
R5 #1 Wayne County 48, R6 #2 Mendenhall 8
R5 #2 West Jones 27, R6 #1 Terry 7

All four correct. Wayne County and West Jones meet for the South State title for the second time in three years. Wayne County hosts this year. West Point hosts Oxford in what should be an entertaining game.

Class 5A

R1 #1 South Panola 62, R1 #3 Columbus 14
R1 #2 Olive Branch 22, R2 #1 Madison Central 10
R3 #1 Oak Grove 28, R4 #2 Ocean Springs 16
R3 #2 Meridian 44, R4 #1 George County 20

All four correct. Region winners play their runners-up for the right to advance to the state 5A championship game. Defending 5A champ South Panola hosts Olive Branch. Oak Grove plays at Meridian.

26 November 2005

Thanksgiving Escapist Reading

I checked out some books from the public libraries (one from Clinton, the rest from Welty). I read a couple of them Wednesday and Thursday. Here's my thoughts.

End of the Beginning is in many ways a typical Harry Turtledove alternative history. In this Turtledove's skewed book series, the Japanese don't just bomb Pearl Harbor, they invade & take Hawaii. This particular book concerns the American response to Japan's invasion, Japanese life in Hawaii, and the lives of the Hawaiians-- whether they're native Hawaiians, haoles, or Asians.

End is an okay book. This particular series is nothing like his WorldWar series or his classic Guns of the South, but is pretty good. Hopefully, the next book in this series will have something more to offer.

Thud! is the thirtieth book in Terry Pratchett's Discworld series. A Pratchett Discworld novel is always enjoyable. This particular book centers on Sam Vines and the Watch and their efforts to keep the peace between the Dwarfs and Trolls.

The only things that detracted were a few misspelled words in the first part of the book. Another copy editor would have been nice. But all in all, an excellent diversion.

25 November 2005

Football Playoff Predictions, Week 3

So far I'm 68-24 for the past two weeks-- good enough for a 73.9 percent success rate. Teams in bold are my predicted winners. I went 38-10 in my playoff predictions this week-- a .792 percentage.

Notes: R - MHSAA Region; Number immediately after R refers to individual region; #n - Ranking in region.

Winners of the first two games in each class will play each other for the North State championship. Winners of the last two games will play each other for the South State championship.

MPSA Championship Finalists are set and the games will be played on December 1 & 2 at Mississippi College.

MHSAA Quarterfinals

Class 1A

R2 #2 Coffeeville @ R2 #4 Durant
R2 #1 Ray Brooks @ R2 #3 Weir
R4 #2 St. John @ R3 #1 Puckett
R3 #2 Lake @ R4 #1 Mount Olive

Notes: Four of the eight schools alive in the 1A playoffs have won state championships: Weir, Puckett, Lake, and Mount Olive. Region 1-1A schools all won their first round contests. St. John and Lake competed in Class 2A last year. Last year's champion, Mize, moved up to Class 2A. Weir was the runner-up last year. Durant is the only regional 4-seed alive in the quarterfinals.

Class 2A

R3 #1 West Bolivar @ R1 #1 Baldwyn
R4 #1 Simmons @ R2 #1 Calhoun City
R5 #1 Philadelphia @ R8 #3 Perry Central
R7 #2 Mize @ R8 #1 Lumberton

Notes: Four of the eight schools alive in the 2A playoffs have won state championships: West Bolivar (as Rosedale), Calhoun City, Mize, and Lumberton (defending 2A champion). Calhoun City and Mize both competed in Class 1A last year. Mize won the Class 1A football title last year. Calhoun City lost to Weir in the 1A semifinals. Perry Central is one of two regional 3-seeds still alive in the playoffs. The Bulldogs are the only non #1 or #2 seed to win their first two playoff games this season.

Class 3A

R4 #2 East Side @ R3 #1 Senatobia
R4 #1 Charleston @ R2 #1 Amory
R5 #1 Morton @ R7 #1 South Pike
R8 #1 Greene County @ R6 #1 Hazlehurst

Notes: Four of the eight schools alive in the 3A playoffs have won state championships: Senatobia (defending 3A champion), Amory, South Pike, and Greene County. South Pike dropped from 4A to 3A this year and has been predicted by many prognosticators to win the 3A title.

Class 4A

R1 #1 West Point @ R2 #2 Clarksdale
R4 #1 West Lauderdale @ R2 #1 Oxford
R5 #1 Wayne County @ R6 #2 Mendenhall
R6 #1 Terry @ R5 #2 West Jones

Notes: Four of the eight schools still alive in the 4A playoffs have won state championships: West Point, Clarksdale, Wayne County, and Mendenhall. West Point dropped from 5A to 4A this season. In their last appearance as a 4A school, West Point finished as runners-up to D'Iberville in 2002. West Lauderdale rose from 3A to 4A after appearing in last year's 3A title game. Last year's 4A champion, Brookhaven, lost in the first round of the 2005 4A playoffs. Last year's runner-up, Clarksdale, is still alive. Oxford finished as the 2003 runnerup to Wayne County and were the first and so far only regional 4-seed to ever appear in a MHSAA championship football game.

Class 5A

R1 #1 South Panola @ R1 #3 Columbus
R1 #2 Olive Branch @ R2 #1 Madison Central
R4 #2 Ocean Springs @ R3 #1 Oak Grove
R3 #2 Meridian @ R4 #1 George County

Notes: Three schools still alive in the 5A playoffs have previously won state championships: South Panola (the defending 5A champion), Madison Central, and Meridian. George County moved up from 4A to 5A this season. The Oak Grove-Ocean Springs game is a contest between schools that finished as runners-up to South Panola in 2003 & 2004. Oak Grove was runners-up in 2003. The Greyhounds were runners-up in 2004. South Panola's last loss came in the 2002 Class 5A championship game to Wayne County. Wayne County has since moved to Class 4A.

23 November 2005

My Dinner with Chris Chew: Another Burnside Recollection

Yesterday Gorjus chatted about his experiences seeing RL Burnside in concert. Sadly, I never saw him in concert.

Last night at Book Club, we were chatting and Gorjus's post came up. And I talked about a previous experience I had with Duwayne.

I made it to Hal & Mal's at 6:30 pm on a Saturday evening in November 2003 after Thanksgiving to see the Allstars perform. I wanted to get there early to get a good parking spot and get a bite to eat.

Anne was kind enough to seat me at Chris Chew's table. We ate and talked for a while.

Chris recognized me from the show the NMAS did in California at the High Sierra Festival (way cool-- of course, in retrospect it helped that I was wearing my High Sierra shirt) and asked me if I was going to do some more traveling. I think I said that if they were going to be at High Sierra that I would try to go (it helps that my sister has a house near there, you know).

Duwayne Burnside was at the next table and handed me a shot of tequila. At first, I refused, but he said if I was going to sit and eat with them, I had to drink with them too-- and so I did.

I was near the front at the beginning-- close to a friend of mine who's the sports editor of the Vicksburg newspaper-- and made it to the front a couple songs from the end.

The show was awesome-- I personally think the June 2003 show might have been a little bit better if only because I began to feel better after being down over my father's death-- but this show had the bonus of interacting with Chris & Duwayne.

22 November 2005

My Turquoise Ring

I spent most of the summer of 1980 in Albuquerque with my aunt, uncle, and cousin. My uncle was an English prof at an Indiana college who was taking part in a seminar. I went along because, well, it seemed interesting and my mother had arranged it.

I spent the mornings at summer sports camps at the University of New Mexico. I did swimming, gymnastics (and got to be pretty flexible, but it didn't last long), and played some tennis, but my favorite sport was, oddly enough, team handball. It turned out that I was a pretty good goalie.

When I wasn't doing the sports camp stuff, we were exploring New Mexico and the American Southwest. We made the National Park Circuit: Painted Desert, Grand Canyon, Mesa Verde, Chaco Canyon, and Carlsbad Caverns as we left Albuquerque.

We also went to D.H. Lawrence's ranch in Taos. And of course, we went to Santa Fe, Glorieta, & Sandia Peak.

Of all the traveling in New Mexico and the Southwest, one thing that fascinated me was turquoise. For some reason, I think it looks nice. Being thirteen at that time (and still growing), I didn't buy any rings or anything. But I always liked the look of it.

Some 20 Years Later...

I grow up. I fail Calculus. I change majors six times and earn degrees in three different fields. I get a job here in the Jackson area. Going out more and more, I see people wear turquoise jewelry and I remember when I was younger and in New Mexico that summer in 1980.

I do some looking around here in Mississippi. None of the rings at the shops and kiosks impress me.

My father dies in mid-May 2003. My sister and her husband attend the funeral. They mention that they're going to be at their house in Truckee that Independence Day Weekend. I'm intrigued and ask if I can go, and they say sure.

The next couple weeks following the funeral were still rather depressing for me. I decide to buy a roundtrip ticket to Reno (the nearest airport to Truckee). I begin to feel a bit better after attending a couple concerts the weekend after my birthday. I saw BB King and the North Mississippi Allstars perform at separate venues. BB King at Pickens on Sunday. The Allstars at Hal & Mal's the Friday before.

At the Allstars concert, I see a brochure for the High Sierra Music Festival which is held in Quincy, California, some 75 miles north of Truckee. I decide this is a good sign.

A Long, Strange Trip

I fly on American Eagle to DFW and then take the American flight to Reno. Sitting next to me & across the aisle are a couple of people. The guy's reading Jared Diamond's Guns, Germs, and Steel. I've read the book a couple of times. So we talk a little. Turns out he's the bassist for Soulive. The woman with him worked for Velour.

So I figure. Yeah, it's definitely a sign-- a good sign. I need to go to High Sierra.

I have fun in Truckee. I love the area. I'm beginning to think that I'm more of a mountains guy I think.

I visit with my sister, my brother-in-law, my aunt and uncle (the same aunt and uncle with whom I spent the summer of 1980 in Albuquerque), and my three nephews.

High Sierra

That Saturday, I drive to Quincy. A nice drive, a scenic drive.

I buy a one-day pass and a late night ticket to see the North Mississippi Allstars and Soulive after hours.

There's lots of vendors there. Lots of them. Selling food. Selling coffee (I must have drunk 6 cups of coffee over there and I had bought some water at a Safeway in Quincy.)

There's also vendors selling jewelry. I look around to one kiosk and then another and then yet another. The ring sizes are too small or too large or the styles are not me.

I go to another kiosk. One of the vendors is a nice-looking woman-- and she's topless. Okay, she has glittery golden pasties pasted on, but she's topless nevertheless. And she has a nice selection at the right size. I try them out (the rings, you preverts) & find one I consider good enough for me and purchase it. I put the ring on my right ring finger. I like it even more.

I spend the remainder of my day at High Sierra listening to various musical acts: Maktub. Yonder Mountain String Band. Les Claypool's Frog Brigade. Karl Denson. Steve Winwood. Hot Buttered Rum.

Late that night, I go see and listen to the Allstars. I stand at the front in front of Chris Chew. I move to the music. After their show is over, I get a drumstick. I talk to Chris Chew for a little while. Nice guy. It's a little after 1 a.m., 3 a.m., my time & I'm tired.

I hate to miss Soulive, but I do. I walk back to the car and drive the 75 miles back to Truckee. I arrive at my sister's house a little after three in the morning wearing my turquoise ring.

21 November 2005

I remember the silence, the eerie sound of silence...

The last known allied veteran of the World War I Christmas truce has died at the age of 109.

20 November 2005

It's been 30 years...

...and Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.

19 November 2005

Football Playoff Predictions, Week 2: The Aftermath

I went 38-10 in my playoff predictions this week-- a .792 percentage. I'm 68-24 for the past two weeks-- good enough for a 73.9 percent success rate. Teams in bold are my predicted winners.

Notes: R - MHSAA Region; D - MPSA District; Number immediately after R/D refers to individual region/district; #n - Ranking in region/district.


Class 1A First Round

R2 #4 Durant 54, R1 #1 Smithville 28
R2 #2 Coffeeville 41, R1 #3 East Webster 14

With their victory over previously unbeaten Smithville, Durant will host Coffeeville.

R2 #1 Ray Brooks 36, R1 #4 Hamilton 25
R2 #3 Weir 30, R1 #2 Vardaman 28

Weir hosts Ray Brooks. All Region 1-1A schools were eliminated in the first round.

R3 #1 Puckett 42, R4 #4 Enterprise-Lincoln 0
R4 #2 St. John 21, R3 #3 Noxapater 0

Puckett hosts St. John.

R4 #1 Mount Olive 41, R3 #4 Nanih Waiya 7
R3 #2 Lake 28, R4 #3 Mercy Cross 21

The Pirates host Lake. All host teams won in South 1A in the first round.

Class 2A Second Round

R1 #1 Baldwyn 16, R4 #2 Leland 6
R3 #1 West Bolivar 30, R2 #2 Eupora 10

West Bolivar travels to Baldwyn.

R4 #1 Simmons 42, R1 #2 Okolona 14
R2 #1 Calhoun City 34, R3 #2 West Tallahatchie 6

It'll be a battle of unbeatens at Calhoun City. All four region champions in North 2A have won their first two playoff games.

R5 #1 Philadelphia 22, R8 #2 Seminary 16
R8 #3 Perry Central 7, R7 #1 Heidelberg 6

The Tornadoes travel to Perry Central. The Bulldogs are the lowest seeded team to win two games in the playoffs so far this year and have a realistic shot at making the semifinals.

R8 #1 Lumberton 28, R7 #3 Taylorsville 20
R7 #2 Mize 34, R8 #4 Bassfield 16

It's a battle of defending state champions as 2A champion Lumberton hosts the defending 1A winner Mize in the quarterfinals.

Class 3A Second Round

R4 #2 East Side 30, R1 #1 Ripley 28
R3 #1 Senatobia 54, R2 #2 Nettleton 13

The defending 3A champions host East Side.

R4 #1 Charleston 35, R3 #3 Holly Springs 9
R2 #1 Amory 19, R1 #3 Kossuth 14

Amory hosts Charleston.

R5 #1 Morton 26, R8 #2 Magee 23
R7 #1 South Pike 28, R8 #3 Collins 7

South Pike hosts Morton.

R8 #1 Greene Co. 17, R5 #2 Velma Jackson 0
R6 #1 Hazlehurst 21, R5 #3 Forest 17

Greene County travels to Hazlehurst. All four region champions in South 3A have won their first two playoff games.

Class 4A Second Round

R1 #1 West Point 20, R4 #2 Noxubee Co. 0
R2 #2 Clarksdale 27, R3 #1 Pearl 7

Clarksdale hosts West Point.

R4 #1 West Lauderdale 43, R1 #2 Shannon 14
R2 #1 Oxford 28, R1 #3 New Albany 7

Oxford hosts West Lauderdale.

R5 #1 Wayne Co. 35, R8 #2 Picayune 21
R6 #2 Mendenhall 40, R7 #1 Gautier 24

The Tigers host Wayne County.

R5 #2 West Jones 36, R6 #4 McComb 26
R6 #1 Terry 29, R7 #2 D'Iberville 21

The Mustangs host Terry. It's a Region 5 vs. Region 6 contest as region winners play at the runners-up of the opposite region.

Class 5A First Round

R1 #1 South Panola 41, R2 #4 Vicksburg 7
R1 #3 Columbus 44, R2 #2 NW Rankin 36

South Panola travels to Columbus.

R2 #1 Madison Central 27, R1 #4 Starkville 14
R1 #2 Olive Branch 28, R2 #3 Warren Central 6

The Jaguars host Olive Branch.

R3 #1 Oak Grove 42, R4 #4 Gulfport 0
R4 #2 Ocean Springs 19, R3 #3 Brandon 12

Oak Grove hosts Ocean Springs.

R4 #1 George Co. 20, R3 #4 Hattiesburg 7
R3 #2 Meridian 14, R4 #3 Moss Point 10

George County hosts Meridian. The host teams in South 5A all won their playoff games.

MPSA Semifinals

Class A

D1 #1 Lee, Ark. 20, D4 #1 Porter's Chapel 13
D7 #1 River Oaks 20, D8 #2 Glenbrook 10

Lee and River Oaks play December 1 at Mississippi College for the Class A title.

Class AA

D2 #1 Simpson 12, D1 #1 Lee 7
D3 #1 Copiah 10, D4 #1 Oak Forest 8

Copiah & Simpson play at MC for the Class AA title on December 1.

Class AAA, Division II

D1 #1 Starkville Aca. 42, D2 #2 Lamar 21
D1 #2 Heritage 34, D2 #1 MRA 24

Starkville and Heritage play at MC for the Class AAA, Division II title on December 2.

Class AAA, Division I

D1 #1 JA 21, D2 #2 Hillcrest 10
D2 #1 Jackson Prep 44, D1 #2 Washington 15

JA and Prep also play at MC for the Class AAA, Division I title on December 2.

18 November 2005

Football Playoff Predictions, Week 2

Like last week, the predicted winners are in bold.

Notes: R - MHSAA Region; D - MPSA District; Number immediately after R/D refers to individual region/district; #n - Ranking in region/district.


Class 1A First Round

R2 #4 Durant (8-3)
@ R1 #1 Smithville (11-0)

R1 #3 East Webster (8-2)
@ R2 #2 Coffeeville (8-2)

R1 #4 Hamilton (7-4)
@ R2 #1 Ray Brooks (10-0)

R2 #3 Weir (8-2)
@ R1 #2 Vardaman (9-2)

R4 #4 Enterprise-Lincoln (6-4)
@ R3 #1 Puckett (10-0)

R3 #3 Noxapater (9-2)
@ R4 #2 St. John (8-1)

R3 #4 Nanih Waiya (7-3)
@ R4 #1 Mount Olive (11-0)

R4 #3 Mercy Cross (8-2)
@ R3 #2 Lake (8-3)

Class 2A Second Round

R4 #2 Leland (9-1-1)
@ R1 #1 Baldwyn (10-1)

R2 #2 Eupora (10-1)
@ R3 #1 West Bolivar (9-2)

R1 #2 Okolona (5-6)
@ R4 #1 Simmons (10-0)

R3 #2 West Tallahatchie (7-4)
@ R2 #1 Calhoun City (11-0)

R8 #2 Seminary (8-2)
@ R5 #1 Philadelphia (10-1)

R7 #1 Heidelberg (7-4)
@ R8 #3 Perry Central (8-2)

R8 #1 Lumberton (10-0)
@ R7 #3 Taylorsville (7-3)

R7 #2 Mize (7-2)
@ R8 #4 Bassfield (4-6)

Class 3A Second Round

R4 #2 East Side (8-3)
@ R1 #1 Ripley (10-1)

R2 #2 Nettleton (7-4)
@ R3 #1 Senatobia (9-2)

R4 #1 Charleston (10-1)
@ R3 #3 Holly Springs (6-5)

R2 #1 Amory (8-3)
@ R1 #3 Kossuth (9-2)

R8 #2 Magee (8-2)
@ R5 #1 Morton (8-3)

R7 #1 South Pike (11-0)
@ R8 #3 Collins (6-4)

R5 #2 Velma Jackson (10-1)
@ R8 #1 Greene Co. (8-2)

R6 #1 Hazlehurst (9-0)
@ R5 #3 Forest (8-3)

Class 4A Second Round

R4 #2 Noxubee Co. (7-3)
@ R1 #1 West Point (10-1)

R2 #2 Clarksdale (8-3)
@ R3 #1 Pearl (9-2)

R1 #2 Shannon (10-1)
@ R4 #1 West Lauderdale (11-0)

R2 #1 Oxford (11-0)
@ R1 #3 New Albany (8-3)

R8 #2 Picayune (5-4)
@ R5 #1 Wayne Co. (11-0)

R6 #2 Mendenhall (8-3)
@ R7 #1 Gautier (8-1)

R5 #2 West Jones (8-1)
@ R6 #4 McComb (5-5)

R7 #2 D'Iberville (6-3)
@ R6 #1 Terry (10-1)

Class 5A First Round

R2 #4 Vicksburg (7-4)
@ R1 #1 South Panola (11-0)

R1 #3 Columbus (5-6)
@ R2 #2 NW Rankin (10-1)

R1 #4 Starkville (7-3)
@ R2 #1 Madison Central (8-3)

R2 #3 Warren Central (7-4)
@ R1 #2 Olive Branch (10-1)

R4 #4 Gulfport (4-4)
@ R3 #1 Oak Grove (10-0)

R3 #3 Brandon (6-5)
@ R4 #2 Ocean Springs (7-3)

R3 #4 Hattiesburg (7-3)
@ R4 #1 George Co. (7-3)

R4 #3 Moss Point (6-4)
@ R3 #2 Meridian (8-3)

MPSA Semifinals

Class A

D1 #1 Lee, Ark. (10-1)
@ D4 #1 Porter's Chapel (11-0)

D8 #2 Glenbrook (8-4)
@ D7 #1 River Oaks (12-0)

Class AA

D2 #1 Simpson (9-2)
@ D1 #1 Lee (10-1)

D4 #1 Oak Forest (9-2)
@ D3 #1 Copiah (10-1)

Class AAA, Division II

D2 #2 Lamar (4-6)
@ D1 #1 Starkville Aca. (8-2)

D1 #2 Heritage (8-3)
@ D2 #1 MRA (6-4)

Class AAA, Division I

D2 #2 Hillcrest (9-3)
@ D1 #1 JA (11-0)

D1 #2 Washington (5-6)
@ D2 #1 Jackson Prep (9-2)

17 November 2005

Gannettized for Your Protection

I startled several people at the Found magazine event at Lemuria last night. I hope D Trane is satisfied with the handy Facial Hair Status Report (patent pending). Cue the Gannettesque subheadings.

The Governor's Budget

Our Governor brought out his budget proposal earlier this week. If there's one thing that the Governor has been remarkably consistent (at least it's been my perception) is that he's keen on funding higher education-- it's on his wish list. And personally, I hope that this wish becomes a reality.

But There's the 900-pound Gorilla Named Katrina

The problem is, though, will there be the monies to fund the Governor's proposal? At this moment it looks as if the answer is we don't know, but we're not taking any chances. This semester, my college has had two people leave their positions in the library. They're not going to be replaced yet. Hopefully, they will soon. And you know that tax revenues will have a big role in making that determination. Here's hoping for the best.

You Mean She's Not Moving to Jackson?

Like I'd have a chance anyway, but "smart, talented, quirky and endearing, with a genuinely engaging and relatable lifestyle" are all traits I like in a woman. And I'm not just saying that because I have this CD.

16 November 2005

The Complete Peanuts

Recently I purchased The Complete Peanuts 1957 to 1958 at Lemuria. This edition is the fourth volume of Fantagraphics' reprinting of Charles Schulz's classic comic strip. I thumb through all the books every so often. I've not read this particular book cover-to-cover yet. I'm content with savoring selections of his work.

When I was young, I voraciously read through the compilations of Peanuts, Pogo, Tintin, and Doonesbury. As I got older, I was reading Bloom County and Calvin & Hobbes.

I don't know why, but I've always liked cartoonists and cartooning. Fortunately face-to-face meetings have generally been positive. When I was living in the Bay Area, I met Garry Trudeau at a book signing nearly fifteen years ago. Nice guy. I bought Christmas presents for family and friends. One of them was named J.T. When I asked Garry to inscribe the book to J.T. He mentioned that's what he called his wife.

Many of my favorite cartoonists are now dead. Schulz. Geisel. Mauldin. Kelly. Hergé.

I guess that's why I take my time and savor what I read when I read Schulz's work. When I read and see the work of cartoonists who no longer produce strips or books, I can't help but reminisce about how they made me smile, laugh, and think when I was young.

15 November 2005

The Dead White Male of the Month

Jimmie Rodgers - The Father of Country Music

14 November 2005

Meme Time

Harry tagged me with this meme:

1. Delve into your blog archive.
2. Search the archives for the 23rd post.
3. Find the 5th sentence, or closest to.
4. Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions.
5. Ponder it for meaning, subtext or hidden agendas.
6. Tag 5 more people

Well, this post is post #23.

There aren't five sentences in the post. In fact, there's not a complete sentence at all, but a link to a Wikipedia entry on Norton I, Emperor of the United States of America and Protector of Mexico.

There is a not-so-hidden agenda with this post. I decided to manufacture some schtick by naming a Dead White Male of the Month.

Norton was the Dead White Male of the Month for August 2005.

Mark Twain was the September 2005 DWMotM. Chuck Jones was last month's DWMotM. November's DWM will be named later in the week-- possibly tomorrow.

Now I need to tag five more people. I don't know if they've all posted 23 times or not, but here we go: Buck Satan, The Diplomat, D Trane, Jaysus, and Orangedood! Y'all got next!

13 November 2005

Football Playoff Predictions, Week 1: The Aftermath

Okay. I went 30-14 in my predictions for a .682 percentage-- pretty terrible actually. I was hoping to be closer to 75 percent.

My predicted winners were in bold. There's some brief comments.


Class 2A First Round

Reg 1, #1 Team - Baldwyn 26
Reg 3, #4 Team – Coahoma Co. 8

Reg 4, #2 Team – Leland 22
Reg 2, #3 Team - Bruce 3

Baldwyn hosts Leland.

Reg 3, # 1 Team – West Bolivar 48
Reg 1, # 4 Team - Belmont 0

Reg 2, #2 Team – Eupora 30
Reg 4, #3 Team – O’Bannon 14

West Bolivar will host Eupora.

Reg 4, #1 Team – Simmons 27
Reg 2, #4 Team - Ackerman 6

Reg 1, #2 Team – Okolona 38
Reg 3, #3 Team - Ruleville 6

Simmons will host Okolona.

Reg 2, #1 Team - Calhoun City 47
Reg 4, #4 Team – Leflore Co. 12

Reg 3, #2 Team – W Tallahatchie 40
Reg 1, #3 Team - Mantachie 6

Calhoun City hosts West Tallahatchie.

Special note: No upsets in North 2A playoffs. The home teams all won their openers.

Reg 5, #1 Team – Philadelphia 51
Reg 7, #4 Team – Bay Springs 13

Reg 8, #2 Team – Seminary 41
Reg 6, #3 Team – St. Andrew’s 20

Philadelphia hosts Seminary. All four 8-2A teams advanced to the second round. All 6-2A teams have been eliminated.

Reg 7, #1 Team – Heidelberg 30
Reg 5, #4 Team - Clarkdale 3

Reg 6, #2 Team – St. Joseph's 10
Reg 8, #3 Team – Perry Central 27

Perry Central will be hosting Heidelberg for the third year in a row in the playoffs. Three 7-2A teams won first round playoff games.

Reg 8, #1 Team – Lumberton 54
Reg 6, #4 Team - Wesson 14

Reg 5, #2 Team – Union 14
Reg 7, #3 Team - Taylorsville 44

Taylorsville hosts Lumberton.

Reg 6, #1 Team – Hinds AHS 18
Reg 8, #4 Team - Bassfield 22

One of two 4-seed wins. Bassfield's win (despite having a losing record) is not that surprising since Region 6-2A schools have had a tendency in the past few years to underperform in the playoffs. For example, Heidelberg defeated undefeated 6-2A teams in back-to-back seasons. The Oilers defeated St. Andrew's at home in the second round in 2004 & won on the road at an undefeated Loyd Star team in the first round of the 2003 playoffs.

Reg 7, #2 Team – Mize 28
Reg 5, #3 Team – Scott Central 12

Bassfield hosts Mize.

Class 3A First Round

Reg 1, #1 Team - Ripley 24
Reg 3, #4 Team - Independence 7

Reg 4, #2 Team – East Side 26
Reg 2, #3 Team - Caledonia 6

Ripley hosts East Side.

Reg 3, # 1 Team – Senatobia 26
Reg 1, # 4 Team - Booneville 16

Reg 2, #2 Team – Nettleton 31
Reg 4, #3 Team – South Delta 6

Senatobia hosts Nettleton.

Reg 4, #1 Team - Charleston 26
Reg 2, #4 Team - Houston 3

Reg 1, #2 Team – Corinth 14
Reg 3, #3 Team – Holly Springs 19

With the upset, Holly Springs hosts Charleston.

Reg 2, #1 Team – Amory 14
Reg 4, #4 Team - Winona 7

Reg 3, #2 Team - Water Valley 13
Reg 1, #3 Team - Kossuth 14

Kossuth's upset win means that they will be hosting Amory.

Reg 5, #1 Team – Morton 41
Reg 7, #4 Team - Columbia 16

Reg 8, #2 Team - Magee 26
Reg 6, #3 Team – Jefferson Co. 20

Morton hosts Magee.

Reg 7, #1 Team - South Pike 18
Reg 5, #4 Team – Newton Co. 7

Reg 6, #2 Team – Yazoo County 6
Reg 8, #3 Team - Collins 40

Collins hosts South Pike.

Reg 8, #1 Team – Greene Co. 56
Reg 6, #4 Team - Bailey 0

Reg 5, #2 Team – Velma Jackson 42
Reg 7, #3 Team - Tylertown 20

Greene County hosts Velma Jackson

Reg 6, #1 Team - Hazlehurst 42
Reg 8, #4 Team - Raleigh 12

Reg 7, #2 Team – Franklin Co. 7
Reg 5, #3 Team - Forest 35

Forest's win means they host Hazlehurst.

Class 4A First Round

Reg 1, #1 Team – West Point 54
Reg 3, #4 - Canton 6

Reg 4, #2 Team – Noxubee Co. 22
Reg 2, #3 Team - Lafayette Co. 20

West Point hosts Noxubee County.

Reg 3, # 1 Team - Pearl 42
Reg 1, # 4 Team –Tishomingo Co. 0

Reg 2, #2 Team - Clarksdale 42
Reg 4, #3 Team - NE Lauderdale 35

Clarksdale travels to Pearl.

Reg 4, #1 Team - West Lauderdale 47
Reg 2, #4 Team - Desoto Central 14

Reg 1, #2 Team - Shannon 36
Reg 3, #3 Team - Ridgeland 14

West Lauderdale hosts Shannon.

Reg 2, #1 Team - Oxford 35
Reg 4, #4 Team - Kosciusko 31

Reg 3, #2 Team - Callaway 6
Reg 1, #3 Team - New Albany 44

I thought New Albany had a good chance to win, but didn't think they'd win in a blowout. They get to host Oxford.

Reg 5, #1 Team - Wayne Co. 41
Reg 7, #4 Team - Vancleave 20

Reg 8, #2 Team - Picayune 13
Reg 6, #3 Team - Brookhaven 10

Wayne County hosts Picayune.

Reg 7, #1 Team - Gautier 35
Reg 5, #4 Team - Petal 21

Reg 6, #2 Team - Mendenhall 14
Reg 8, #3 Team - Bay St. Louis 7

The Gators host the Tigers.

Reg 8, #1 Team – Long Beach 6
Reg 6, #4 Team - McComb 21

The other 4-seed team to win in the first round.

Reg 5, #2 Team – West Jones 31
Reg 7, #3 Team – Forrest AHS 15

West Jones travels to McComb.

Reg 6, #1 Team – Terry 33
Reg 8, #4 Team - Poplarville 12

Reg 7, #2 Team – D’Iberville 17
Reg 5, #3 Team - Quitman 13

These two teams played each other in the last game of the 2005 regular season. Quitman won that game, but D'Iberville won the game that extends their season. They will play at Terry.


Class A Second Round

Dist. 1, #1 Team - Lee, Ark. 32
@ Dist. 2, #1 Team - Delta 22

Dist. 3, #1 Team - East Holmes 0
@ Dist. 4, #1 Team - Porter's Chapel 35

Porter's Chapel will host Lee, Ark. for the North State title.

Dist. 8, #2 Team - Glenbrook 42
@ Dist. 5, #1 Team - Wayne 28

Dist. 8, #1 Team - Claiborne 20
@ Dist. 7, #1 Team - River Oaks 49

River Oaks will host Glenbrook for the South State title.

Class AA First Round

Dist. 1, #1 Team - Lee, Ms. 40
Dist. 2, #2 Team - Winston 16

Dist. 2, #1 Team - Simpson 35
Dist. 1, #2 Team - Indianola 13

Simpson travels to Clarksdale to play Lee.

Dist. 3, #1 Team - Copiah 17
Dist. 4, #2 Team - Trinity Episcopal 13

Dist. 4, #1 Team - Oak Forest 34
Dist. 3, #2 Team - Central Hinds 7

Copiah hosts Oak Forest.

11 November 2005

Football Playoff Predictions

My predicted winners in bold.


Class 2A First Round

Reg 1, #1 Team - Baldwyn
Reg 3, #4 Team – Coahoma Co.

Reg 4, #2 Team – Leland
Reg 2, #3 Team - Bruce

Reg 3, # 1 Team – West Bolivar
Reg 1, # 4 Team - Belmont

Reg 2, #2 Team – Eupora
Reg 4, #3 Team – O’Bannon

Reg 4, #1 Team – Simmons
Reg 2, #4 Team - Ackerman

Reg 1, #2 Team – Okolona
Reg 3, #3 Team - Ruleville

Reg 2, #1 Team - Calhoun City
Reg 4, #4 Team – Leflore Co.

Reg 3, #2 Team – W Tallahatchie
Reg 1, #3 Team - Mantachie

Reg 5, #1 Team – Philadelphia
Reg 7, #4 Team – Bay Springs

Reg 8, #2 Team – Seminary
Reg 6, #3 Team – St. Andrew’s

Reg 7, #1 Team – Heidelberg
Reg 5, #4 Team - Clarkdale

Reg 6, #2 Team – St. Joseph's
Reg 8, #3 Team – Perry Central

Reg 8, #1 Team – Lumberton
Reg 6, #4 Team - Wesson

Reg 5, #2 Team – Union
Reg 7, #3 Team - Taylorsville

Reg 6, #1 Team – Hinds AHS
Reg 8, #4 Team - Bassfield

Reg 7, #2 Team – Mize
Reg 5, #3 Team – Scott Central

Class 3A First Round

Reg 1, #1 Team - Ripley
Reg 3, #4 Team - Independence

Reg 4, #2 Team – East Side
Reg 2, #3 Team - Caledonia

Reg 3, # 1 Team – Senatobia
Reg 1, # 4 Team - Booneville

Reg 2, #2 Team – Nettleton
Reg 4, #3 Team – South Delta

Reg 4, #1 Team - Charleston
Reg 2, #4 Team - Houston

Reg 1, #2 Team – Corinth
Reg 3, #3 Team – Holly Springs

Reg 2, #1 Team – Amory
Reg 4, #4 Team - Winona

Reg 3, #2 Team - Water Valley
Reg 1, #3 Team - Kossuth

Reg 5, #1 Team – Morton
Reg 7, #4 Team - Columbia

Reg 8, #2 Team - Magee
Reg 6, #3 Team – Jefferson Co.

Reg 7, #1 Team - South Pike
Reg 5, #4 Team – Newton Co.

Reg 6, #2 Team – Yazoo County
Reg 8, #3 Team - Collins

Reg 8, #1 Team – Greene Co.
Reg 6, #4 Team - Bailey

Reg 5, #2 Team – Velma Jackson
Reg 7, #3 Team - Tylertown

Reg 6, #1 Team - Hazlehurst
Reg 8, #4 Team - Raleigh

Reg 7, #2 Team – Franklin Co.
Reg 5, #3 Team - Forest

Class 4A First Round

Reg 1, #1 Team – West Point
Reg 3, #4 - Canton

Reg 4, #2 Team – Noxubee Co.
Reg 2, #3 Team - Lafayette Co.

Reg 3, # 1 Team - Pearl
Reg 1, # 4 Team –Tishomingo Co.

Reg 2, #2 Team - Clarksdale
Reg 4, #3 Team - NE Lauderdale

Reg 4, #1 Team - West Lauderdale
Reg 2, #4 Team - Desoto Central

Reg 1, #2 Team - Shannon
Reg 3, #3 Team - Ridgeland

Reg 2, #1 Team - Oxford
Reg 4, #4 Team - Kosciusko

Reg 3, #2 Team - Callaway
Reg 1, #3 Team - New Albany

Reg 5, #1 Team - Wayne Co.
Reg 7, #4 Team - Vancleave

Reg 8, #2 Team - Picayune
Reg 6, #3 Team - Brookhaven

Reg 7, #1 Team - Gautier
Reg 5, #4 Team - Petal

Reg 6, #2 Team - Mendenhall
Reg 8, #3 Team - Bay St. Louis

Reg 8, #1 Team – Long Beach
Reg 6, #4 Team - McComb

Reg 5, #2 Team – West Jones
Reg 7, #3 Team – Forrest AHS

Reg 6, #1 Team – Terry
Reg 8, #4 Team - Poplarville

Reg 7, #2 Team – D’Iberville
Reg 5, #3 Team - Quitman


Class A Second Round

Dist. 1, #1 Team - Lee, Ark.
@ Dist. 2, #1 Team - Delta

Dist. 3, #1 Team - East Holmes
@ Dist. 4, #1 Team - Porter's Chapel

Dist. 8, #2 Team - Glenbrook
@ Dist. 5, #1 Team - Wayne

Dist. 8, #1 Team - Claiborne
@ Dist. 7, #1 Team - River Oaks

Class AA First Round

Dist. 1, #1 Team - Lee, Ms.
Dist. 2, #2 Team - Winston

Dist. 2, #1 Team - Simpson
Dist. 1, #2 Team - Indianola

Dist. 3, #1 Team - Copiah
Dist. 4, #2 Team - Trinity Episcopal

Dist. 4, #1 Team - Oak Forest
Dist. 3, #2 Team - Central Hinds

10 November 2005

ALA Midwinter

I don't get many chances to go to national conferences. ALA conferences are usually held at the end of the college's fiscal year (late June). Summertime is a busy time for me at the library because I get a chance to accomplish some housekeeping duties I don't get a chance to do during the fall and spring semesters.

In addition to their regular convention (which will still be in New Orleans in June 2006), ALA also has a Midwinter meeting-- chiefly business, which is good. I like events that are more businesslike. I will get to go to the Midwinter conference.

It'll the first time I'll be at an American Library Association event in over eight years. I was at the ALA conference in San Francisco in '97. I spent about 95 percent of my time over there interviewing for jobs. It was helpful in the sense that I'd made contacts and was a finalist at academic and public libraries throughout the US. My first professional gig though was at a public library near where I lived.

Midwinter is in San Antonio. It's supposed to be a nice city. I've not been there before. I'm not counting the time I was with my family when we drove back from El Paso to Mississippi after the '74 Sun Bowl. We drove over there on I-20 (the Northern route) and returned via I-10 through San Antonio and Houston.

Unfortunately, I have the feeling that it won't be enjoyable. Although I am a member of ALA, I've not really had the feeling that I belong. The communications I receive from them have tended to be (at least that's my impression) from people who are running for one organizational office or another. And the first email I get from ALA after renewing my membership is a test email for electronic voting for officers. Sigh.

I try to keep up a little with the issues discussed by those more involved in the association than I am. Sometimes I wonder why it's an issue. Other issues such as the Patriot Act are most definitely issues. I guess what I'm trying to communicate here is that I'm more concerned about the practicalities of the profession. What can we do to improve ourselves-- to serve people and communities more effectively?

My emphasis on practicalities is something that I try to exercise with consistency. I don't particularly care about theory. I've always been a results-oriented guy. Theory is okay (I've heard it often enough when I was a grad student), but librarianship is essentially a practical profession.

Because it's practical, I'd rather attend conferences and sessions on practical matters and issues affecting librarians and libraries. MLA conferences are often very practical. I'm involved in the state and local levels-- having served as chair of a couple state committees and two other organizational round tables-- not to mention chairing a local group's scholarship committee.

I would like to attend a national NASIG conference in the future. I've been to a couple of regional NASIG meetings. I've found them to be very educational. Unfortunately, national meetings are held at roughly the same time as ALA conferences and I know there's no way I'd be able to attend them. It's too bad because they'd be useful. And I don't know if I can say the same for ALA events.

I hope my concerns about Midwinter are wrong. I hope it's enjoyable. I hope it's practical. I hope it's informative. I especially hope that I don't get pestered beyond the breaking point by people running for office. (I've already resigned myself to the fact that people will ask me to vote for them. I just hope they're reasonable.)

We'll see. I'll keep you informed (and it'll be easier if I get a hotel with internet access). Currently there's a long waiting list and the ALA travel agency folks are working to get other hotel rooms available. I should hear something in about a week or so.

09 November 2005

Under the Volcano

For the benefit of those readers who aren't in the book club, I'd been reading Under the Volcano for a little over a month and finished it last week shortly before our last UTV meeting.

Here's some of my commentary (yes, copied & pasted, but edited).

Book Club was enjoyable. The company, cameraderie, and Coronas certainly were positives.

I think the thing that's struck me most so far about UTV is the obvious gap between Geoffrey & Hugh and Yvonne. Geoffrey, to me, recognizes that things are changing to something he doesn't like-- war. With him being the oldest of this trio, he's got a different perspective than Hugh. Geoffrey's war weary and Hugh's the opposite. And Geoffrey's an alcoholic.

I don't know what to think yet. It's beginning to look like one of those books I'd normally have to read more than once. And, it is. I think I proposed that this book be an annual read during October and culminating in a Day of the Dead/Under the Volcano party. I've not begun reading Chapter 5 yet so I can't even begin to try to address Anne's thoughts. I don't know what to think yet. But that particular problem will be addressed the more I get into the book. When I finish the book, who knows what I'll think of UTV as of the end of Chapter 4.

This is admittedly a little bit different format for me than I'm accustomed. I'm traditionally a speed reader. There's no way I could speed read UTV, but not having read the book previously & not looking ahead kind is interesting. I'm looking forward to reading all of it, but am doing my best not to. I want to whet my appetite instead of gulping it down.

I thought November 2 was a most apropos day to meet if I do say so myself.

The discussion and cameraderie was excellent. The food (from Moe's) was awesome. The beer, excellent. I'm not sure about the mezcal though. After we talked, we watched the film version of the book.

We were disappointed. Major characters were cut out. Events that happened in the book were changed-- and I think for the worse.

The book, though, is good. Powerful, even if I do say so.

07 November 2005

Covering Teen Wolf: A Coach's Guide

Thanks to McSweeney's.

01 November 2005

Rainbow Warrior II & Coral Reef

Greenpeace's Rainbow Warrior II damaged a coral reef in the Phillippines yesterday. Looks like Greenpeace will be fined.

For what it's worth, I've been aboard the ship. I spent a few minutes on it at Stockholm some three years ago when I was on vacation. I'd visited friends in Latvia and was spending a couple days in Sweden before flying back to the USA.