29 July 2008

Work... and Play?

I'm at work trying to work, but can't work because a vendor's catalog is headache inducing. Argh. Increasing the text size doesn't help, and the vendor in question gets a plurality of the reference budget money each fiscal year. I don't really want to deal with this catalog.

Several minutes later...

Okay, I've talked a customer service representative. I'll get an email later today regarding some items. Maybe that will help. Maybe my headache will go away. Maybe I'll go see The Dark Knight.

28 July 2008

Monday Evening Meanderings

It's a Monday evening, and not much is going on at the moment. I've not done too much the past few days.

TD finally announced the demise of the book club. People moved. Other things were going on, and well, it's understandable that the PBCS is gone. Mayhaps we'll have a last toast to the club sometime.

Also, the old pub quiz team got together again Saturday night. We came in second place, and we're good with that. The team that won (two of whom incidentally being former classmates of mine at MSU) knew who this person was, so they definitely know their trivia.

I went to Hattiesburg yesterday to visit my mother and stepfather and drove back today before starting work. The next three days shouldn't be too bad; final exams should end tomorrow.

I've still not seen The Dark Knight. I think I'll see it either tomorrow or Wednesday since I'll be doing some errands Thursday, and I'm starting my vacation Friday.

23 July 2008

Juillet Vingt-Trois

It's been a while since I've posted. It's almost the end of the summer semester, and I'm ready to relax. Life's been hectic, and in a summer in which I think I've been really, really productive-- accomplishing tasks and getting ready for the fall semester, I've been wanting to get away.

And now I've got my vacation pretty much finalized. I've gone back and forth in what I want to do and where I want to go, but it's going to be a northeastern trip-- specfically Boston, New York, and Philadelphia by way of Chicago with additional assistance from Amtrak.

I think it'll be fun. I'll get to visit with OJ, watch a couple of baseball games, and do some touring. When I return, I have this to look forward to before the fall semester begins. But before I leave, I'll be attending a gallery opening and the birthday pub quiz.

13 July 2008

Sunday Evening

I'm at Cups in Clinton. I just had dinner and then some coffee with Pezgirl. We talked about various things-- work, some projects that are going on, and non-work stuff.

I did some yardwork early this afternoon. I trimmed some branches from trees and shrubs and took them to the neighborhood dumpster.

I got pretty hot from doing all that work. I must have taken a cold shower for about a half hour.

This weekend was pretty quiet. I thought about going out Friday night, but was too tired. I would have loved to have seen friends.

I was supposed to meet a friend from the college at Barnes and Noble yesterday, but she didn't show up-- didn't even call to say she was cancelling too. I did see a couple people from the college as well as a couple of other friends of mine. It wasn't a complete loss, but more socializing would have been nice.

Only solitary men know the full joys of friendship. Others have their family; but to a solitary and an exile his friends are everything.

09 July 2008

Wednesday Evening Ponderings

I got off work a couple hours ago. I worked on one project, and I think I'm almost finished with it.

Tomorrow I work in earnest on the other major project. It shouldn't take too much time I hope. I've already conducted a lot of research. Decisions just need to be made what approaches to take.

I heard yesterday that one of my stepfather's Tibetan Terriers died. Unfortunately, it was expected. She had cancer, and the treatment didn't work.

Today I had lunch with one of my cousins from my hometown. He had an appointment at the V.A. center, and since it's the summer, I could get away a little bit easier than I could have normally.

And as hectic as things have been, it was good for me to get away. We chowed down on some good food at La Cazuela. He's not all that familiar with the Jackson, so ease of finding the location was definitely something to consider.

We chatted for awhile. I've not seen him in several months-- it might even be more than a year. It was good to visit with him.

I've been pondering a place where I could relax-- basically get away from things for a week. I've considered going to baseball games whether they're at Fenway, Yankee Stadium, Busch, or Wrigley. All have a certain appeal since I've not attended a game at any of the stadiums-- Yankee Stadium especially since this year is its last year.

I've considered Lollapalooza. There are even some bands I like that are performing, and I could combine it with some games at Wrigley.

I've even considered Chautauqua for the sake of doing something different. If I want to recharge my batteries that looks to be an interesting option, but the remaining weeks cover topics that either don't really hold my interest or are after the fall semester begins at the college.

08 July 2008

Consolation Prize

I love hotels that offer frequent flier mileage credit. A consolation prize for not being offered the position at the other library: I earned enough frequent flier mileage to qualify for a free roundtrip flight in the continental United States. Now if I knew where I wanted to go.

07 July 2008


I'm tired, and while it may be because I showed up at work this morning rather than in the afternoon, I feel like I need to recharge my batteries. While I took some time off last month, it wasn't as nearly as relaxing as I would have hoped.

Now I'm wondering what to do and perhaps where to go. The spring semester was hectic, and the summer thus far has been very busy.

04 July 2008

Independence Day

I'm at my mother and stepfather's place at Canebrake. My aunt and uncle are coming in from Indiana and should be here this evening.

It's been relatively quiet. I helped move plants and pots from the courtyard this morning.

I don't know what else I'll do today. Not much, I suppose.

My job interview has been a topic of conversation at the college, which is not a surprise. I know that my dean showed her supervisor the job posting and expected salary for the position, and I also wouldn't be surprised if she mentioned it to others.

Anyway, a colleague at another department had heard I was leaving. I had to tell her that I was second choice and would have been offered the position if the first choice selection declined it. (I did mention that earlier, right? Hmmm... Apparently not.)

Another colleague who'd not seen me in a little over two weeks told me I needed to update my Facebook photo and wondered why I shaved. I told him, and he instantly understood since he has some connections to the place I interviewed.

He is right though. I do need to update my Facebook photo.

Next week, I need to continue work on some projects. It's hard to believe that the fall semester begins next month.

I've got so much I've got to accomplish before the craziness of the fall comes. I've gotten a lot of work done this summer, and there's more to do.