31 March 2008

God Bless You

It was quiet at the library tonight. I had to prompt someone to get off the computer since we were closing.

I thought he had been doing research. Instead he was trying to apply for a job online.

He was a bit upset. He should have started the process earlier in the evening. I wouldn't make an exception in his case.

He kept telling me God bless you. Of course, what he meant was something completely different.

30 March 2008

End of the Month Update

I've not posted lately. I was very busy at work last week.

I've been catching up on tasks needed to do since I'd been away from work for a week. I've had bibliographic instruction sessions, a meeting with a customer service representative for one of our vendors, as well as other types of library work.

I'm ready for the computer folks here at the college to put my new computer on the network. I've transferred all the files I need to transfer from my old computer to my network folder.

It's just as well that I'm no longer able to access a favorite messageboard at work anymore since I've been staying busy. It's done a more-than-decent job of keeping me relatively stress-free at work though. I might have to drink more coffee.

I've had a good weekend. I was with friends who I've not seen in weeks or months, and it was great seeing and visiting with them. I also went to the roller derby Saturday night and had fun. I know two of the Rollergirls well, and I wanted to support them.

Right now, I'm in Hattiesburg. I stopped by Heidelberg and visited with a family friend who's done my taxes for many years. We chatted while he e-filed my tax forms. I'll be getting a refund this year, which is always good. I can think of a few things I can do with the money.

I've got a dental appointment tomorrow morning. It's very likely that I'll have to attend a memorial service when I get to the college.

I've got to remember to take another shirt with me to the dentist's office. I had been planning on dressing down at work, which I can get away with some since I work nights on Mondays. It looks like that won't happen.

I think I might also finish work on a conference presentation proposal tomorrow. I've already gotten feedback from one colleague. I'll see what another says before I submit it in a few days.

21 March 2008

Friday Afternoon

I've been pretty busy today.

I've had some stuff I needed to get accomplished, and I've done a bit of what I wanted to get done. There's still so much left to do though.

I've got to pick up some Crossroads posters. I promised to put a few up around the college.

I still have errands to run, but right now, I'm sort of satisified with what I've accomplished. There's still so much left to do though.

I've got to watch the MSU-Oregon game this evening. Hopefully, the Bulldogs will win.

17 March 2008


Apparently this entry is blog post #600. If I'd known I would have this many entries in my blog, I would have titled them according to Dewey Decimal Classification. This entry title would have been Technology (Applied sciences).

I've been in Hattiesburg the past couple days. I've been doing some errands for my mother and stepfather.

And resting. I needed to get away for a few days-- even if only to Hattiesburg. I'll probably head back to Clinton either tomorrow afternoon or Wednesday morning.

I've got some things I'd like to do around my house, and since I do have a little over a week off, I thought I might take advantage of that time and do things other than sleep-- not that there's anything wrong with sleep.

I went to the St. Paddy's Day parade Saturday. Photos were taken.1 Everyone had fun.

I didn't participate in the parade this year. I had thought about it, but didn't.

After the parade, I went to Fenian's for a little while. I met up with more friends. It was great.


I've gotten my office cleared up pretty good. I removed all the computer supplies that had been there. I'm converting cabinet space to bookshelves. I don't think I'll remove the cabinet doors though. I think it'd be too much trouble finding a place to put them than to just keep them.

I've got to do some more clearing, but most of the work has been accomplished. Sometime next week I hope to get the other file cabinet in the office, and I'll have needed storage space.

I've also got to work on a couple other things. Maybe I can get the organizational stuff done while I'm away from work.

1I'm not the cow.

13 March 2008

Looking Forward

Another hectic week is almost over. I've had quite a bit on my plate at work.

I've been rearranging my office space. As previously mentioned, I'm getting a new work computer.

Since the computer is a laptop, I've no need for a computer desk. I moved it out of the office yesterday.

I'm in the process of going through my shelves and removing everything having to do with desktop computers. My office had been an alternative storage space for such things as external speakers for computers, but it won't be any more.

I've been putting these types of accessories on book carts. Before I leave work tomorrow afternoon I'll move the carts outside the office.

I need to create room for books and other materials. The problem with my office is that I don't have a good spot to put bookshelves.

My office has windows on three sides, and what shelves my office has are associated with cabinets and a counter.

I'm thinking about removing the cabinet doors because I'm going to use the cabinet space as bookshelves. First, though, I might keep the doors and see how they work.

I'm working on projects when I can. I've also got to work on a proposal regarding a conference presentation.

There are other things. There always are.

I won't be at work next week. I need a break.

I still have responsibilities though. My mother and stepfather are going on a trip and want me to drive them to where their group is meeting.

This next week, I'll be in Hattiesburg, Clinton, or somewhere between the two cities. I'll still be at the parade Saturday though. What I don't know is if I'll be watching or participating.

I hope I can remember that I have a bibliographic instruction session to give to a class at 8 a.m. the first day I'm back at work.

12 March 2008

Life Imitates Art Imitates Life

Here's a Slate video feature comparing the campaigns of Barack Obama and West Wing's Matt Santos:

Thanks to B2 for the heads-up.

11 March 2008

Election Day

I voted. In the alderman's race, I decided to give Peace a chance.

Next I drove over to the public library and voted in the Democratic primary for President. I'd been undecided for so long that I did what I normally do when faced with a tough choice: I voted for the candidate I thought had the best chance to win in November.

There were two other contests. I decided not to reselect Dorothy Benford and once again chose Bennie Thompson to be congressman.

As far as the Senate race is concerned, I didn't want to vote for either Erik Fleming or Shawn O'Hara, so I abstained. Thad Cochran will be getting my vote in November.

06 March 2008


I'm wondering who to vote for in the elections. I've no idea who to vote for in the presidential primary-- my inner comic book geek loves the user-generated Obama advertisement in my previous entry.

I've also got to vote in a special election. It's going to be a bit of pain.

I vote here for municipal elections. I vote here for federal and state elections.

So who for president? And who for alderman? I don't know.


If I lived in the third district, I would be voting in the Republican primary for sure. What with Chip Pickering leaving Congress, I would of course be interested in voting in that contest.

I've been keeping up with the campaign for that seat. I can't help but pay attention since my family has been friends of the Pickerings for years.

I've met only one of the candidates, John Rounsaville, and then only once. So, I don't know him, but we have mutual friends and acquaintances. We chatted for several minutes at an event several months ago. He seems to be a good guy. I wish him well, and I wish I could vote for him. I think he'd do a good job.


I'm disappointed my Bulldogs lost to Vanderbilt last night. I wish they could have won. MSU was just on the wrong side of from all accounts was a classic game.

I'm planning on going to Starkville Saturday to see MSU play LSU in the final regular season game. It'll be Senior Day, and the 1963 conference championship team will be honored at halftime.


Work is, well, work. It's been hectic, but with people not being as sick as they were last month, it's not quite as crazy this month.

I'm thinking about taking a few days off during spring break. It depends somewhat on what I get accomplished as far as my office is concerned.

I've had my office computer for six years, and it's very slow. It's my turn in the rotation for a new computer, and I'm exercising the option.

Since it's a laptop, I'm getting rid of the computer desk. It'll go to storage1, and from there I'll get another file cabinet since I'll now have the space. Yes, I have a small office.2


I blogged about some interesting job openings earlier in the week. Since then, I've found two more of note.

The Navajo Nation is looking for a librarian. My one concern is what is there to do. I was out there as a tourist back in 1980. It looked pretty bare to me.

The American School of São Paulo wants a librarian. I wonder if I would get Carnaval off?


Jackson's Carnaval, the St. Paddy's Day Parade, is a week from Saturday. It's the most fun time of the year.

Last year I was a Spud Stud for a Queens group from my hometown. I don't think I'll be helping them out this year. I may just be watching this year. And having fun.

1Where computer desks go to die.

2But the office has windows.

Being a Comic Book Geek...

...I couldn't help but chuckle when I first saw the below image while reading Neil Gaiman's blog:

04 March 2008

Some Job Openings of Note

It's been awhile since I've posted some interesting job openings. Here are a few I've noticed in the past few weeks:

The White House needs a media specialist.


Le Cordon Bleu wants a librarian.

Their cafeteria food had better be good!

Guantanamo wants another librarian.

This position is for the base personnel, not the detainees.

The California Maritime Academy is looking for a library assistant.

Occasionally, this college has posted vacancies for librarian positions that involve being out on a ship on the open sea for several weeks. This, however, is not one of those positions.

Rabun Gap is looking for a librarian.

Working at a boarding school in what looks to be a very scenic part of the country.

The American Numismatic Society wants a librarian.

And this librarian will certainly be in the money... B2 might be interested in this post.

Some Little Things

A message board I frequent has changed formats. It used to be an ezboard format, but now is Yuku. NAFOOM is the same way.

The Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame and Museum is having an exhibit of Peanuts comic strips beginning this weekend. I think that's quite cool. I'd like to go to that exhibit when I get a chance.

Most of the people at the library have gotten over their sicknesses. There are still a couple who are a little under the weather, but they're working. There is one co-worker who should take tomorrow off. Especially since the alternative means that Friday's going to be a very tough day.