28 November 2008

2008 High School Playoff Predictions, Week Four

MHSAA Class 5A
South Panola and Meridian

MHSAA Class 4A
Noxubee County and D'Iberville

MHSAA Class 3A
Louisville and Franklin County

MHSAA Class 2A
Eupora and Forest

MHSAA Class 1A
Ray Brooks and Puckett


MPSA Class A

21 November 2008

2008 High School Playoff Predictions, Week Three

MHSAA Class 5A
Olive Branch, South Panola, Meridian, and Oak Grove

MHSAA Class 4A
Shannon, Noxubee County, Wayne County, and d'Iberville

MHSAA Class 3A
Winona, Corinth, Franklin County, and Newton County

MHSAA Class 2A
Eupora, West Bolivar, Taylorsville, and Bassfield

MHSAA Class 1A
Ray Brooks, Calhoun City, Mount Olive, and Puckett

Kirk and Centreville

MPSA Class A
DeSoto and Glenbrook

14 November 2008

Glengarry Glen Girl Scout

2008 High School Playoff Predictions, Week Two

I'm posting these after one game has been played, but I don't know who won yet, so I suppose that counts.

Predicted winners:

MHSAA Class 5A
Madison Central, Meridian, Tupelo, Oak Grove, Ocean Springs, Olive Branch, Petal, and South Panola

MHSAA Class 4A
Quitman, Vicksburg, NE Jones, Noxubee County, Lafayette County, West Lauderdale, Wayne County, and West Jones

MHSAA Class 3A
Ripley, Amory, Newton County, Franklin County, Senatobia, Columbia, Magee, and Winona

MHSAA Class 2A
Ackerman, Philadelphia, Taylorsville, Eupora, Forest, West Bolivar, Leland, and Scott Central

MHSAA Class 1A
Ray Brooks, Durant, East Webster, Calhoun City, Mount Olive, Puckett, Vardaman, and Weir

Magnolia Heights and Jackson Prep are predicted to win the Division II and I titles.

Centreville, Trinity, Kirk, and Winston

MPSA Class A
Glenbrook, Porters Chapel, DeSoto, and Marvell

12 November 2008

A Consequence of Being Stir Crazy

The sinus crud I've had has given me the appearance of being anti-social. I'm not, but since I've not gone out much over the past couple weeks, I am more than a bit stir crazy.

I've even gotten to the point of looking at the personal ads on Yahoo and Match.com for the first time in several months. I noticed that a couple of colleagues from the college have profiles; however, I'm no fan of workcest.

In general, the profiles were the usual dreck: Christian female ISO Christian male only. Dating prospects online and in real life are still negligible.

Speaking of real life, I've not been doing much. I am, after all, stir crazy. I need to get out and socialize, but not at the risk of relapsing or catching something else while I'm still not quite 100 percent.

10 November 2008

Sinus Crud Hate

I've battled this sinus crud for about two weeks, and I when I think I'm over it-- like I thought I was Friday-- the following day, I feel terrible. And I wanted to go to Hattiesburg.

I'm disappointed. I've not felt like doing anything because I've been under the weather, and when I do something-- going to the Cherokee and then Hal & Mal's on Friday-- I feel terrible the next day.

I feel better now, but what with the wet and cold weather forecast to arrive later this week, I can't help but think that things will be dreary. I hate dreariness.

07 November 2008

2008 High School Playoff Predictions, Week One

I used to have time to make my prognostications, but I don't, so here are the teams I think will win in the first round of the playoffs:

MHSAA Class 4A
Lawrence County, West Lauderdale, Picayune, Wayne County, Noxubee County, D’Iberville, Cleveland, Moss Point, Vicksburg, Brookhaven, Quitman, Pearl, West Jones, West Point, Itawamba, and Shannon

MHSAA Class 3A
Charleston, Velma Jackson, Booneville, Perry Central, Columbia, Winona, Magee, Corinth, Newton County, Louisville, North Pontotoc, Hazlehurst, Tylertown, Franklin County, South Pike, and Ripley

MHSAA Class 2A
Ackerman, Forest, West Bolivar, Baldwyn, East Marion, Hamilton, Bruce, Bassfield, Philadelphia, Taylorsville, St. Andrew’s, Eupora, Enterprise Clarke, Leland, St. Patrick, and Walnut

MPSA Class AAA, Division I
Pillow and Jackson Prep

MPSA Class AAA, Division II
Magnolia Heights and Lamar

Winston, Lee, Kirk, Leake, Central Private, Simpson, Brookhaven, and Centreville

MPSA Class A
Briarfield, DeSoto, Marvell, West Memphis, Glenbrook, Sylva-Bay, Porters Chapel, and Huntington

04 November 2008

Election Day

I voted this morning. I arrived at my precinct at 7:15 this morning and waited some 20 minutes before casting my ballot.

I voted for:

President: Barack Obama
No surprise. I've been a fan for several months. I like John McCain, but thought his selection of Sarah Palin was ill-advised.

Senator: Thad Cochran

Again, no surprise. I've been a fan for many years. His opponent, Erik Fleming, was my former state representative and is a likable guy; however, I make it a point not to vote for people who've openly supported Lyndon LaRouche.

Senator: Ronnie Musgrove

I'm not a fan of the former governor, and had said for weeks that I was likely voting for Roger Wicker; however, Wicker failed to close the deal as far as I'm concerned. Wicker never convinced me he was the best choice.

I would have liked to know why Wicker is good and voter-friendly, and he didn't demonstrate to me that he was. When Wicker's incessant negative ads turned me off, I was forced to go to Musgrove. I don't like Musgrove, but at least I know what I get.

Congressman: Bennie Thompson

A courtesy vote for the incumbent since I didn't see any Republican advertising for his opponent.

Supreme Court Justice: Jim Smith

Perhaps he's a bit too conservative for my taste, but I wasn't too impressed with his opponents.