10 September 2008

The Marine Corps are looking for a few good librarians...


07 September 2008

Hey there. Remember Me?

I've been busy; busy doing the same things I've been doing for the past three weeks, and they're not deserving of detailed descriptions.

A week ago, I was helping my mother and stepfather move plants, furniture, and other assorted items in from porches and courtyards. Things weren't too bad in Hattiesburg last week, and hopefully Ike won't be headed towards Mississippi.

Other than work and helping family, I've not gone out much. My social life is close to nonexistent because of stuff going on in my life. Also, rowdy friends are settling down-- something about people wanting to get married and have children.1

I've not considered settling down, and I don't believe I need to go into details again.2

That being said, I need a vacation.3 Fortunately, it's my turn in the rotation to go to an ALA conference. I'm thinking about Midwinter in Denver.
1Imagine that.

2I didn't mention that I wouldn't link to it though. Oh, and here's another post that can work.

3Yes, I had one last month, but I need another, and Gustav made a mess of Labor Day Weekend.