29 February 2008

Leap Day

It's been a busy week at the library. I've been catching up on some duties as well as working on a couple of projects when I can.

I mentioned earlier this week that I was going to cover a state tournament game. It turned out to be similar to my Quote Boy duties at the football championship games-- so no byline.

And that's fine by me. I got to enjoy seeing a couple of basketball games. Unfortunately, the school in the newspaper's coverage area lost.

I did see people I knew at the game. Even though I'm only a freelance part-time writer, many of the full-time sportspeople know who I am, or at the very least recognize me. I chatted with some of them.

I also got to visit with two coaches I knew.1 I wish I had more time. I'd not seen them in quite a while.

I also voted earlier that day. I voted for the nonagenarian candidate based on his Clinton News profile.

I thought Carter to be the best of the bunch. Now I've got to decide who to vote for in the runoff-- as well as the presidential primary. Unfortunately, Bill the Cat is not a viable option.

After work, I'm off to Hattiesburg. My mother's asked me to come down and help out with a garage sale tomorrow morning.

I hope there's plenty of coffee.

1For what it's worth, my friend is again an assistant to my cousin.

27 February 2008

Derrida & Garfield

So what does the Father of Deconstruction have to do with Garfield? This week, I've noticed that Otherjay and Bill at Unshelved have highlighted Garfield Minus Garfield, a most awesome blog.

It's not the first time I've seen Garfield changed. I've seen it and other comic strips being altered in other blogs as well as, of course, parodies. As far as alterations of the comic strip feline are concerned, The Comic Strip Doctor has some good examples (you'll need to scroll down, and as the heading on that site notes, some of the content is not "family-friendly") and provides a link to a lengthy thread at Truth and Beauty Bombs.


25 February 2008

It's been awhile...

The library has been busy-- not necessarily because we've got a lot of events happening. It's more like things have been hectic with the flu going around.

I think most everyone has had the flu except me, and I've had sinus headaches and am still battling a sore throat I picked up from being out in a downpour Thursday morning.

I've been a bit remiss with blogging. I've been working on some projects, and when I've not worked on projects I've been covering for people who've been away due to sickness or other reasons.

I took it easy this past weekend, and I feel better, which is good. Tomorrow, I've got to give a bibliographic instruction session to a class.

After work, I'm off to the Mississippi Coliseum. I'll be covering a state basketball tournament game for a newspaper.

14 February 2008

Search Engine Answer Guy #7

More search queries from actual people.

1. florida prison softball

Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds might be in some trouble, but I doubt very seriously they'd get put in the big house.

2. the breakfast club mr vernon quotes

Why is that door closed? WHY IS THAT DOOR CLOSED?

3. sex pub quiz

A lot of queries regarding pub quiz and sex, but not as many as florida prison softball. I would be very scared if there was a florida prison softball sex pub quiz search.

4. national gorilla suit day

I was so busy that I forgot to put up my banner. I suppose that means the terrorists have won.

5. lord buckley

Must be by people who are interested in The Nazz. Here's a link to an mp3 of Lord Buckley talking about The Nazz.

12 February 2008

Soggy Tuesday Afternoon Links

I like to read the Mental Floss blog. A lot of the links come from or are linked from the Mental Floss site.

First, a hilarious Best Venn Diagram Ever.

Next, the retro fun and games house.

The last Mental Floss link, nine little-known facts about Abraham Lincoln. I like this one:

In 1842, Lincoln accepted a challenge to a duel from James Shields, the Democratic State auditor. Shields was furious over a satiric letter in a local paper. Actually, the letter had been written by Lincoln’s fiancee, Mary Todd, but Lincoln willingly took responsibility. Since he was given the choice of weapons, Lincoln, with typical cunning, selected broadswords–with his 6′4″ frame and his enormous arms, Lincoln had an insurmountable advantage over his disminutive opponent when it came to dueling with swords. Shields wisely decided to make up his differences with Lincoln and the scheduled duel failed to take place.

Finally... found via Neil Gaiman's blog, an upcoming children's book.

11 February 2008

The horror, the horror...

I'm going through withdrawal, or at least I will after work. My iBook isn't working properly. I've taken it to a place I hope will provide good service.

08 February 2008

An Evening in Jackson; Or, It's Difficult to Type When There's a Bandage on an Index Finger

I took the day off yesterday. I was a bit under the weather.

I think I could have worked, but wanted to make sure that what I had wasn't contagious. And it isn't.

Book club was fun. We discussed American Gods. Most of the book club enjoyed reading and discussing it.

We had to keep it short though. People were tired, and I think some wanted to watch Lost. TC has the next choice, and she's chosen Madame Bovary.

It was another hectic day at work. I had some projects I needed to complete, and I did finish most of what I needed to have done.

I got sidetracked though. I was asked to attend a meeting, and so I did. I suppose it was beneficial. I think though what came up in the meeting simply confirmed my suspicions.

After work, I went to Lemuria to purchase a copy of Madame Bovary and a birthday present for my mother. Her birthday is tomorrow.

I'll be heading to Hattiesburg tomorrow. I think I'll be spending most of the weekend there.

06 February 2008

Damn the torpedoes...

It was interesting to see the returns from last night's primaries and caucuses. While I'm currently undecided who to vote for, three candidates I like did well last night.

I voted for John McCain in the Mississippi party primary in 2000. I've always liked him because he's a pragmatist who isn't afraid to challenge the conventional wisdom in his party and has an aura of trustworthiness in spite of whatever differences exist between him and voters such as myself.

I like Hillary Clinton because I have the feeling that she's also a pragmatist. Also, she knows how government works.

Barack Obama is intriguing. He's running as a candidate of change, and, well, while he's gotten plenty of endorsements, I still have the impression that his campaign is more about style than substance.

So, three good candidates and a decision to make sometime in the future, and as far as the others are concerned...

Mike Huckabee. Yes, he's likable, but his amiable campaign style reminds me a lot of our current president's initial campaign in 2000. So, no.

Mitt Romney. Bleh. My impression of him is that his stands are not concrete-- he looks at what way the wind is blowing before he decides what to do.

Ron Paul and Mike Gravel. No.

I just hope the candidate who I eventually decide to support doesn't have his or her campaign torpedoed.


Before I saw the returns, I had dinner last night at Hamil's. It was put on by an investment outfit that gets a little bit of my money each month.

While the Dow Jones may have gone down some 370 points yesterday, at least I had some outstanding barbecue, vegetables, and fish. Oh, and sweet tea. Mustn't forget that.

I was probably their youngest client present. The overwhelming majority of the others who were there were retirees. Part of the reason why I showed up was that I was wondering about a letter I received in the mail from the company advising investors to move into bonds.

I'm in a different situation than the retirees, and I figured that I should still maintain my investment strategy, and one of the financial folks I talked to agreed. So for me, it's still "Damn the recession! Full speed ahead!"


Otherwise, the past few days have been uneventful. I was in Hattiesburg for a day. I visited my mother and stepfather.

I also spent a day in Starkville. Unfortunately MSU lost to Tennessee. I also watched the Super Bowl there.

I was for the Patriots simply because I wanted to see a perfect season-- not to mention that there are times I like to go against the conventional wisdom and root for the team cast in the role of the bad guy. It was an outstanding game, and for those of you who care more about the commercials, here's my favorite:


Oh, and in response to Jay, here are some selected anagrams of my full name:

Bandana Demur Geese Jerky
Banana Jeered Greedy Musk
Anagram Beer Seeded Junky
Abraded Enema Geyser Junk
Barraged Jay Demesne Nuke

01 February 2008

Super Weekend Plans

This semester has been hectic. I welcome the chance to relax, and I will.

A little, anyway.

I'm heading off to Hattiesburg after work to help my mother and stepfather. Apparently, they've got a problem with their wireless router.

I'm thinking that the router might have to be replaced. It's located at a place where items have to be moved and such to get to it (or, to get it out of the way). I think it's been banged around a bit too much.

But I'll find out. Maybe.

Tomorrow, I'm leaving Hattiesburg to go to Starkville. I'll be visiting my pla C and watching MSU play Tennessee in basketball. I hope the Bulldogs win.

I don't know what I'll be doing Sunday. I know I'll be watching the Super Bowl. The question is where.