30 June 2008

Heavy Metal Islam

I was reading The Chronicle's web site and noticed an article on heavy metal bands in predominantly Muslim countries. It mentioned this book. I saw who the publisher was and emailed OJ, who-- as it turns out-- is working on the book.

It looks intriguing. I've recommended the book's purchase for the library.

Otherwise, it's been a quiet day. I'm trying to work on some projects, but I'm not all here.

Since I have no adrenaline, I'm close to crashing. Some days off to just rest would be nice.

Yes, I've had time off. Still, I've been traveling and working. June's been a pretty hectic month.

I've got to continue working today as well as the following three days. Maybe the Independence Day weekend will be quiet.

Independence Week

Independence Day is this week. Many of my co-workers will be at the library. Some won't.

I'll be working through Thursday and will head to Hattiesburg after work that afternoon.

I didn't go to Hattiesburg this past weekend. I had thought about it, but decided against it.

My mother mentioned that she was pretty tired from getting the house ready for company. My aunt and uncle from Indiana are heading down this way.

The weekend was pretty peaceful. I was with friends Friday night, and I enjoyed being with them.

I didn't do much Saturday except for sleep. I slept from 2 a.m. Saturday morning to 1 p.m. that afternoon. I traveled a lot the past few days and needed to recover.

If I had gotten that job, I think I would have had a lot of adrenaline in my system to keep me going for the next month. Since I wasn't, the adrenaline isn't there.

Sunday, I got out a little bit. I had some coffee at Cups in Clinton and relaxed. I spoke to some people I know.

The next few days shouldn't be too bad. It'll be quiet. I don't know if students want to think about classes what with the holiday approaching.

27 June 2008

The Last Friday Afternoon in June

It's quiet here at the library. A lot of the students are gone. There aren't many people here.

A lot of my co-workers aren't here either. They're either on vacation, taking the day off, or attending ALA.

I've worked on a few things today. I need to work on another project, but can't since my supervisor isn't here.

I've not blogged much in the past couple weeks for reasons given in my previous entry. That being said, here are a few links I thought were worth noting.

This Filial Piety post made me laugh just because of the imagery. He's also a great photographer as shown by this cool pic of the Pearl River.

Supermom posted a series of photos about her cat's bath. Poor cat.

Finally, here's a special link for those of you planning weddings. This bride sold a bridesmaid's spot on eBay to Dr Pepper.

I don't really know what I'll be doing this weekend. If I had received the job offer, my pla C was going to show me possible places to live in his hometown (which is where the position was located).

I'll be in the Jackson area today and a good portion of tomorrow before heading down to Hattiesburg to visit my mother and stepfather.

I'll be working next week. I've got Independence Day off, but have to work July 3.

25 June 2008

Playing the Game

I've been busy the past couple weeks. I had some projects that kept me busy.

Conferences. Presentations. Planning. Job Applying. Interviewing.

I gave a presentation for a conference last week. I thought I did well, and in the roundup at the end of the conference, it got good marks, which is way cool.

While I was preparing for that presentation, I noticed a post related to a job opening. It was a very good opportunity. Taking into consideration what I wrote in this previous entry, the position is located at a nice place, a nice job, and I know I would enjoy life.

The decision to apply for this position was an absolute no brainer. So I did.

I came in for an interview, and I did well. I wasn't offered the job, but was told that I impressed the committee.

My supervisor and dean are glad that I wasn't offered the job if only because that means that they don't have to train someone new. On the other hand, one colleague wanted me to get the job if only because she has designs on my office.

I understand. I also like my office.

Since I don't have to give any more presentations or prepare for a move, I've got to work more on my main summer project for the library. Maybe I can relax some too while keeping an eye open for another no brainer opportunity. After all, you can't win if you don't play.

10 June 2008

Absolute Tuesday

The party was this morning. It was nice. Cheesecake is always nice to eat.

I'll likely be heading over to Barnes & Noble to make a purchase. Or I might make one online. I've got a couple things in mind-- Absolute Sandman, v. 1 is one. The Final Reflection, a classic Star TrekTM novel, is another possibility.

Hmmm... Let's see... I've got a 15 percent discount coupon that was emailed to me as well as the gift card and my Barnes & Noble membership...

I think I'll buy both of them online.


And speaking of buying online, Jubilee Jam tickets are available at Ticketmaster. Pezgirl and I will likely go to Friday's performances.

I'm seriously considering going to the Saturday shows. I'd love to see Robert Randolph perform. I wonder if I'll be up to traveling to Hattiesburg on Sunday though.

I've got to think of something to get my stepfather for this weekend. I've no idea what. I just spoke to my mother, and she said she'd think of something.

She also mentioned to me that a cousin of mine died yesterday, a first cousin once removed to be precise. I'm thinking that he might have been the youngest person in his generation in the family-- not even 70 years old. I'd not seen him in several years, and he'd been in poor health. There's a part of me who wishes I could at least make it to the wake this evening, but by the time I make it over there, I don't think I'd see anyone I knew well.

09 June 2008

A Monday Afternoon in June

At least it looks like it's an afternoon, but it's just after 6 p.m. I ran some errands today before going to work.

I'll have a workplace birthday party tomorrow morning. It should be fun. I need to remember though to take some ibuprofen that morning since really loud noises in smaller rooms give me headaches.

I had a fun weekend. Pezgirl and I went to the Pizza Shack Friday evening. We broke bread with several friends of mine.

I had fun. She had fun.

She paid for the pizza and the beer. Next time, it'll be my turn to pick up the tab.

While Pezgirl and I work together and get along very well, we tend not to socialize after work. We have somewhat different interests, and she isn't as interested in the bar scene as I am.1

That being said, she's become generally disappointed of late with some of the people that she's previously been acquainted with and expressed an interest in going out as friends only because she knows I don't associate with the people in question. Pezgirl also mentioned that she'd like to meet some of my friends, which she did-- some of them for the first time Friday night.

She had fun, and that's good. When I mentioned Puggy's profession, she mentioned that she wished she had talked to him some since she has an anthropology degree.

I didn't do much Saturday. I worked on a project and then went out to Ridgeland and then Jackson.

I met friends at Martin's, but was pretty tired. I didn't get much sleep and needed to get back to the house, and apparently I did need the sleep since I snoozed for about 13 hours. Sunday was a lazy day.

And now, I've got to get a project ready. I also need to finish up work on a presentation I'm giving.

This summer looks to be fairly hectic for me. I'm glad I've had some time away from work in the meantime.

1And it isn't that I'm really interested in the Jackson bar scene. It's just that a lot of the friends I've made in Jackson I've met at bars, and I like to be with my friends.

06 June 2008

Master of his Domains

I was reading The Chronicle of Higher Education this morning which led me to this article about this guy. He has eleven advanced degrees-- that's more than The Professor, including his recently earned Ph.D.

04 June 2008

Back at Work

I'm at the library. I arrived earlier this afternoon.

My mother and I made it to Hattiesburg late Sunday night, and I pretty much slept for what seems to be most of Monday. I ran some errands Tuesday.

I'm tired of travel now. I had thought about attending Blues Bash, but I decided against it. I'd rather not rush. I want to relax.

Or at least try to relax. I've got more than a few things going on in June. I've got to get ready for some things that are due this month.

And tomorrow is my birthday. Since I don't like to work on my birthday, I'm not.


I previously mentioned that I had a nice conversation with my sister's father-in-law this past weekend. I've not seen him in a few years. I think it was either Christmas 2000 or perhaps early 2002-- back when his wife was still living.

He asked me why I've not gotten married, and I told him it's because I don't attend church. He mentioned the need to become more involved in things, and that's something he's had to do since his wife died. He used the example of ballroom dancing, which is something he and his wife both enjoyed.

I mentioned that I understood the need to be involved, and I do get involved in my own way. After he talked about serving in the military and mentioning that the only way he could meet women was to go to activities that were in some way church related, I told him that I consider myself unwelcome in church.

And so, I don't attend church. But I do other things.


Friday evening, Pezgirl and I are going out to eat. We've not broken bread in quite a while. She's been busy, and so have I. We both have had different projects happening.

And maybe after dinner, we'll go someplace. Maybe Martin's. Maybe Hal & Mal's.

Who knows? I'll probably call or text someone to see if there's anything going on or if people are going to meet up Friday night. It'll be nice to be with friends. I've not been with them since this night.


Here are some additions to my websites of interest, many of which are several months overdue.

Patrick Magee is the local Gannett writer who covers USM sports. I don't know whether to call him a Clarion-Ledger writer or a Hattiesburg American writer. Either way, he's a Gannettoid.

As previously mentioned, I went to school with this blogger. Consequently, I've gotten interested in reading The Hill's Pundits Blog. Fascinating stuff.

I've also been paying more attention to Bulldawg Junction, a MSU sports site. I'm acquainted with one of the contributors. I believe Michael Wardlaw and company have been doing very good work, and as such are deserving of at least some recognition.