28 March 2007

Wednesday Notes

No. Not this Wednesday.

I mean today.

It's been awhile since I've posted something of substance. My life has been busy.

A co-worker is away on maternity leave. She gave birth to a baby girl last week.

I've also been busy with other things.

I went by Lemuria yesterday afternoon after work looking for this book-- TD's book club choice. There weren't any softcover editions, so I ordered one. I'll pick it up Monday.

I next went to Cups. I relaxed. I checked my email.

The Mississippi Private School Association released the 2007 football schedules last week. My old high school, Heidelberg Academy, is one of three MPSA schools scheduled to play MHSAA schools. It looks like the Rebels are hosting Stringer on September 14.

Mississippi State lost to West Virginia on a last-second shot in the NIT Semifinals last night. I suppose that means there's no Nitchampvegas.

I went over to Fenian's for a little while. I ordered the soup and tuna salad.

In the meantime, Scott Albert Johnson called. I had previously expressed interest in doing an advance purchase of his album. He came by and sold me the CD. We talked for a little while.

I listened to the CD this morning. I like. I'll probably see him perform in Laurel on Friday. I'm heading down to Hattiesburg this weekend and planning on visiting some friends that evening since I'll be busy Saturday and Sunday at this event.

Before I came to work this morning, I burned another 300 calories on the exercise bike. I weighed 221 pounds. I'd say I'm doing well. I know people have noticed, and that's good.

I did break my diet somewhat this evening. I consumed more carbs than I would have normally thanks to my being at an Anime Club meeting. I'll be burning 300 more calories tomorrow morning.


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