25 June 2007

Monday Night Ponderings

I just finished working the evening shift at the library. Now I'm at Cups in Fondren relaxing. I'm listening to Yonder Mountain via iTunes at the moment.

Satsuma wants to have only one book club meeting to read the Chandler book, and he would prefer the meeting to be sometime in the next two weeks. Since I choose after him, I emailed my selection to TC.

I'll actually be at work all this week. I'm not planning on attending any baseball games, conferences, or weddings. I think this week is the first week since April that I've been at the library all week long.

I took my suit and shirt to the cleaners this morning. I know the suit needed to be cleaned after I spilled some red wine on my slacks. I also noticed that my shirt needed cleaning. Apparently the mints were in the shirt pocket for a little bit too long.

After work tomorrow, I've got some errands to run. I'm in charge of a co-worker's birthday party on Wednesday, which means I need to see if Broad Street has cheesecake as well as purchase a CD at one of the local music shops.

It was good to see TD and LA Saturday evening. Other than them, the only people I knew who were there were Coppertop, her prince, and Coppertop's former landlady, who is a retiree from my college. I also ran into a couple people my pla C mentioned would be there. They were nice folks too.

A news event I've been keeping up with in the past couple weeks has been the recent ruling by Judge Pepper. This ruling could mean that I might have to register as a Republican.

I live in Clinton where most if not all of the city's elected officials are Republican. If I want to be involved with local governmental elections, I might have to register as a member of the GOP-- if political independents are not allowed to vote in future party primaries.

Nothing against the Republicans, I've certainly voted for several of their candidates. I'm not comfortable being one anymore.1 I prefer my Independent status and would like to keep it.

1I was a member of MSU's College Republicans when I was an undergraduate. I voted for Bush 41 in 1988 and Bush 43 in 2000 (but voted for Kerry in 2004-- I've never been a fan of Gore. He turned me off in the 1988 election when he ran for the Democratic nomination). I also voted for Mike Parker for Governor in 1999 and Amy Tuck for lieutenant governor in 2003 as well as for Thad Cochran, Chip Pickering, and Trent Lott several times. I would have loved to have voted for the Democratic candidate who ran against Lott in 2006; however, why would I want to be for a Lyndon LaRouche supprter?


At 27 June, 2007 14:42, Blogger The Topiary Cow said...

Topiary can't wait to hear library guy's report on the Chandler book.

Topiary is reading Delillo's "Falling Man" for her next book club meeting.


At 28 June, 2007 21:37, Blogger The Library Guy said...

Ooh. Delillo. I knew he had a new book coming out, but didn't think it'd be so soon. Expect the Chandler report to be the week after July 4.


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