20 June 2007

Roy Blount Jr. Should Be in My Book Club

This afternoon I went to Lemuria to attend a very entertaining book signing and reading by Roy Blount. When he finished reading, he took some questions.

He was asked what humorous writers he liked. The first person he mentioned was Charles Portis, and he specifically made reference to Dog of the South. So big props to Satsuma's first selection, and as far as the second selection is concerned, Blount also approves of Raymond Chandler.

The second writer mentioned was Flann O'Brien, so props to me too. He mentioned O'Brien's Myles na gCopaleen columns, which are also on my reading list.

In the spirit of The Book Inscriptions Project, I'll share what Blount wrote to me:

To James,

I wish I were Flann O'Brien, then you'd really have something.

But then again, why would Flann O'Brien want to sign my book?

Roy Blount


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