11 June 2007

A Hoarse with No Name

I'm not drained anymore, but I'm still sounding pretty hoarse from the baseball games Friday and Saturday in Starkville. I don't sound as bad as I did a couple days ago.

I didn't realize how hoarse I was until yesterday. Saturday, I was so drained that I didn't particularly care how I sounded. I'm not nearly as hoarse as I was yesterday, which is better.

I won't be going to Omaha for the College World Series. Although I have the hours to take the time off, taking more time off would be a bit too much. Besides, I've already made other plans for Friday.

As you might have noticed, Satsuma's book club selection has changed. Apparently, the Portis book is out of print, so we'll be reading Raymond Chandler.

Tomorrow, there's going to be a birthday party for me at work. It would have been last week, but I wanted to attend the super regional games.


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