06 June 2007

A Revolutionary Birthday

I took it easy yesterday. Heck, I'm taking it easy today as well.

I didn't want to work on my birthday, so I took the day off. After a relaxing day away from work, I went to the book club meeting where we talked about Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates.

It's a very well-written and, at the same time, depressing book. While it's a definitely a book one should read, I wouldn't recommend reading another depressing book right after that, which is partly why I couldn't read What is the What immediately after finishing the Yates book.

Satsuma has the next selection, and he's chosen The Dog of the South by Charles Portis. I look forward to reading the book.

After the book club meeting, we celebrated my 40th birthday. It's so good to be with friends for a birthday. My birthdays when I was younger weren't terribly big since, well, June 5 is after the end of school. Nowadays, other than birthday parties at the library, I rarely celebrate my birthday.

I mentioned that it was great to have a big birthday last night. There may have been only five people at book club/the birthday party last night, but I enjoy being with Coppertop, FP, TD, and Satsuma last night. They're fantastic people, and I love them.

I bought tickets to the super regional at Dudy Noble this afternoon.

I couldn't believe the Bulldogs defeated Florida State twice, and now MSU hosts Clemson. I thought I would miss the Friday game because my birthday party at the library was tentatively scheduled to be held that day.

However, I talked to my supervisor this afternoon, and I've got the day off, which means I'll be getting up early Friday morning to head up to Starkville. I'll be crashing at my pla C's.

Tomorrow evening, FP and I are going to get a bite to eat and see Lost Highway. I'm looking forward to it.


At 09 June, 2007 09:50, Blogger The Topiary Cow said...

Happy Birthday from the entire Land of Topiary! :)

Topiary has a leetle recommendation to help cure this "mid-life crisis."

Topiary, of course.

Sure to boost your mood. Nothing more satisfying than decorating your house and yard with a weird Topiary.


At 11 June, 2007 19:44, Blogger The Library Guy said...

Thanks! For what it's worth, last week was a very good week for me. The one downer was my unexpected sinus problems.


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