14 May 2007

Fount of Useless Information

This past weekend was hectic and fun.

I went to the Living Better Electrically farewell show Friday night. I had fun with friends. I had been so busy this past month that I'd not had a chance to go out and have fun. I did Friday night for a little while.

I headed on to Hattiesburg Saturday. My mother needed me to help watch the shop. What with Mother's Day being this past weekend, she expected things to be quite busy, and they were.

I watched her shop while she had to run some errands. I also helped set up a fountain at a customer's house.

When the work day was over, I gave my mother her Mother's Day gift. She's read a few books by the author, and she was pleased to receive this book. I left Hattiesburg this morning, and am currently at work.

I'm heading back to Hattiesburg after work though. I've got a dental appointment tomorrow morning, and I'd rather have an extra hour of sleep if at all possible.

I need to read Revolutionary Road sometime soon. My mother's shop has several water fountains operating. While it's certainly not water torture for me to listen to the water, I wonder if I'll be able to read while shop-sitting.1

1It might have been a little too loud for me to read in the shop Saturday afternoon, but I'll find out for sure in a few days.


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