01 May 2007


While perusing a couple of blogs, I found out via Marginal Revolution that good-looking guys of high status were rated as less attractive by women than good-looking guys of medium status. Interesting. You can read the full report here. Oh, I don't feel sorry for the high status guys either.

At the Freaknomics blog, there's an interesting note regarding whether attending historically black colleges are good for black students. One thing I'd like to know is how this research was conducted.

Edited to add: Here's the paper in question.

Oh, one other thing. I'll be attending this this meeting up in MSU next month. It'll be good to see what other libraries do. One thing I wonder about is what we can do here at my college that would be applicable since as I've previously mentioned the college where I work doesn't allow MySpace access.

I do like the keynote speaker. I heard him speak at MSU last year, and I've been reading his blog for quite a while.


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