19 April 2007

Listening to Frank...

Sinatra's singing Always. It's National Library Week. The library has programs. I've spoken to a couple of groups this week.

We've also got people out due to funeral attendance and maternity leave, so, yeah, we're shorthanded.

It's also near the end of the semester. Students are working on assignments. I'm being asked for help. I'm working on some projects as well.

I try to relax with some difficulty. Working out at the gym helps to relieve stress. I'm not fond of waking up very early in the morning though.

I went to the State-Ole Miss baseball game Tuesday night. It was fun. I saw people I knew, and MSU won, which is good.

The past weekend was somewhat relaxing. I saw a play Friday night and then went to Fenian's.

I saw friends. I interacted. I had fun. I needed fun.

I didn't do much Saturday. Sunday, I went to Fenian's.

I've not had much sleep this week. It seems like that I've been living on coffee.

Maybe I can decompress some this weekend. I need it. Final exams are approaching.

In the meantime, sleep would be so welcome.


At 20 April, 2007 17:21, Blogger The Topiary Cow said...

Agreed, Ann Patchett is great. Truth and Beauty was painful to read though. Bel Canto so far is favorite.

Topiary had to work and was unable to attend. Pity.

Library week has spawned many book sales. Topiary trundled to UMC's and to the University Women's sale in Fondren. It was overflowing with goodies.

Going to go delve into them right now!


At 20 April, 2007 17:26, Blogger The Library Guy said...

Fortunately, I didn't have reference desk duty and could get away. As hectic as this month has been, being able to get away at times is something not only scarce, but also cherished.


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