11 April 2007

Book Club Postponed

Real life happened last night. Life's been hectic for people. Others aren't feeling all that grand-- being under the weather and all, so we didn't meet up last night.

I think we're planning on meeting up tomorrow to discuss "Miss Lonelyhearts." I don't know when though. We're planning on going to a reading, and then maybe a local Arts thing.

We may talk about the story while we wander. We may wait until later that evening to chat.

This afternoon and evening, I served as a judge for a competition going on at the college. It was pretty time consuming, but also fun.

I'm relaxing right now. I need to head back to the house sometime soon. I've got to get some sleep before I do some more exercising tomorrow morning. I'm not doing too badly considering that I've not had the chance to exercise as much as I was used to in the first month and a half of dancing my dances.


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