20 April 2007

Currently at Cups in the Quarter

When I head down to Hattiesburg to visit my mother, I'd normally leave the library at 4 p.m. At this time of day, I would normally be around Seminary and getting ready to turn off US 49 on to Highway 589.

Instead, I'm relaxing at Cups in the Quarter. I'm expecting a phone call from a family friend in a few minutes. She wants me to help out with research of some sort (she's in grad school), and I suppose it'll be a pretty lengthy conversation. We're going to get a bite to eat, and we'll discuss what she needs with regard to research.

My work week is for the most part over. I've got to help out my mother at her shop tomorrow, so once I finish talking research, I'm heading down to Hattiesburg. I had considered going over to Laurel this evening to visit friends, but it looks like I'll do that Sunday afternoon.

Well, I just got the phone call, so I'm heading out.


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