11 May 2007

Albums That I Might Be Purchasing, Etc.

I like listening to Pandora when I'm in my office. A consequence1 of listening to it is that most of the albums I've purchased have been based on what Pandora is playing.

Thanks to listening to Suspended Variations II, Suspended Night by the Tomasz Stanko Quartet is on my to-get list. The song is very good. The album has also gotten great reviews.

I've previously mentioned that I've gotten to enjoy Ahmad Jamal's music via Pandora.

This album is on my to-get list.

This past Saturday, I was at a Kentucky Derby party. One of the people there mentioned a couple of jazz musicians. I mentioned that I was planning on purchasing this album because of Pandora. He was unfamiliar with Pandora, so I told him about it. I hope he enjoys it.

Pandora's been playing mostly jazz and trance music this morning, and as I mention it, a Bo Diddley song now plays.2

1A good consequence, of course.

2Pills is the song, in case you're interested.


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