09 May 2007

Pub Quiz, Library Sex Hotlines, etc.

Last night, I went to Hal & Mal's. I'd not done Pub Quiz in quite some time, and I didn't know if I wanted to stay for too long, so I decided to play solo under my usual solo team name.

I finished in third place for the second time as a solo contestant. I won $15. I spent more than that on food and drinks, but fifteen bucks is fifteen bucks.1

Surfing the blogosphere, I saw that The Heretical Librarian has a note mentioning what Vienna, Austria, is doing to raise money for its main public library. I believe Gustav Klimt would approve.

After work, I'll be going to this event at Lemuria Books. Having a history degree, the topic of the book is of interest of me. Apparently the author in question also knows FP and TD.

1Not to mention that the fact that I finished ahead of a few teams also serves as an ego boost. The other time I won $20. My usual goal when playing solo is to not finish in last place. The questions last night weren't so much very friendly to me. I think they were all equally difficult. I only got 7 of 10 correct in my best round. Fortunately, I chose to supersize that round and doubled my points earned for that round.


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