01 June 2007

More Introspection

I've not posted lately. I suppose it might be because the closer I get to my 40th birthday, the more introspective I've become. Summer school also begins Monday, and I've been trying to get ready.1

I was in Hattiesburg for a few days, but also had the time to go out with friends. Coppertop and I had some Japanese food over at Haru last week. We talked about several things: her wedding later this month; my upcoming birthday; work; book club.

I'm going to miss seeing Coppertop. She and her soon-to-be-hubby are moving to Texas. She's already invited me to come visit when I get a chance, and I may just take her up on it. She's a great friend.

I've been back here in the Jackson area for the past few days. FP and I went to Jerusalem Cafe Tuesday evening. I enjoyed being out with her. We talked about our plans for the next few days. For her, she'll be attending a wedding. For me, I'm off to Hattiesburg after work this afternoon. We also made plans for next week.2

My mother wants me to help watch the shop while she's attending some sort of conference or workshop. I don't know what, but she said that it'd be nice if I were there Saturday morning as opposed to Saturday afternoon. My mother likes being busy, and with me being the nearest child3 to her, I'm the one asked to do the honey-dos, which I don't mind as long it doesn't interfere too much with my life.

I like going out. I like being with friends. I sometimes think that it's been a bit more difficult for me.

It's not that I'm a wallflower. I'm not. When I was younger and living in a small town and attending a very small school, I found it difficult to relate to people and often felt like I was alone.4

In a way, I'm somewhat jealous of my friends who lived here in the Jackson area when they were children. I know I wish I lived here some thirtysomething years ago.5

I'll be back at work Monday. I'm working Monday night until 8. I'm taking Tuesday off since that's my birthday. Sadly, I have to use annual leave. My birthday's not considered a holiday here like it was (and still is) at one of my former employers.
1Getting ready as far as I'm concerned this summer means getting away from the library for a few days. I desperately needed a break. I may take more breaks away from the library during the summer, but perhaps not for as many days and hours as I did last month.

2Dinner and a show.

3My older sister and her family live in Georgia, and what with her being a doctor and having three sons, she's not wanting to come over for honey-dos, she wants to relax, and I don't blame her one bit.

4More than once when I was in college, people who knew me from high school commented that I had changed. It wasn't that I had changed. I had no sustained comfort level in high school.

5Because I would have exposed to more and different types of people. One tough thing about growing up in a rural community is that there were very few people with whom I felt comfortable being open with while socializing, and many activities of interest to a lot of people when I was younger weren't really of interest to me, and still aren't. I kept my own counsel and maintained a shell around me. However, the more I've gotten to know people here, the more comfortable I've become.


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