19 June 2007

Ouzo's on First?

Rain. Thunder. Lightning.

We needed all of the above, and we got what we needed.

Thanks to the storm system that passed through earlier this afternoon, the temperature this evening isn't hot and is pretty moderate.

I thought about picking up my book club book today, but decided against it. I believe instead that I'll go tomorrow after work and attend this author event.

I've got the next pick for book club, and I have several books and authors in mind.1 I've got time though. Another thing to consider is that I don't even know when our next meeting will be. I know it won't be this week.

Not much is happening in my life. My co-worker Pezgirl made it back from her vacation in Greece and Turkey and I got an I Love Ouzo t-shirt. I'll be at work for a couple more days this week and then I'm off to Starkvegas again-- this time to attend Coppertop's wedding. I'll be crashing at my pla C's house.

1I'm thinking my selection will be either a satire, a war novel, a somewhat older (well, older than me) science fiction classic, or possibly a newer science fiction work. I had considered (but not all that seriously) going back to an author I had previously chosen, but I don't know if the work in question is available.


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