23 June 2007

Sir Cockatrice's Bittersweet Happiness

I'm happy, and I'm sad. I'm in a bittersweet mood.

I came back from a wedding reception an hour and a half ago. A very good friend of mine got married. I've told her that she's one of two women I consider be my ideal woman.1

She and her husband are moving to Texas. I'll miss them. I'll miss her.

I know I may be greedy,2 but there's a part of me who wishes she was still living in Mississippi. I know, however, my greed would not be the best for her, and certainly not the best for her husband as well.

Here's to Princess Coppertop. She's married her Prince and is happy. Now, why do I feel like I'm one of the dwarfs who are not only happy for her, but also left behind?3

1Yes, co-ideal women. No, I wasn't drunk when I mentioned it to her. And yes, I've told both women what they mean to me.

2But that's okay. I'm the youngest child in my family. Even if I'm 40 years old now, I'm expected to be greedy every once in a while, aren't I?

3Yes. Dwarfs instead of dwarves is correct usage at least as far as Walt Disney is concerned.


At 25 June, 2007 13:59, Blogger The Topiary Cow said...

It's always sad when friends mooove away.

Topiary is losing lots of friends as they clear-cut Highway 463 in Madison. Thrown right out of their homes, they were.



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