22 June 2007

Onwards to Starkvegas

I'm heading off to Starkville to be at Coppertop's wedding and visit old friends in a few minutes.

Last night, I went to Don's obstensibly to see this band. I'm somewhat acquainted with this author via the Interweb, and he said that the band was good.

However, the band wasn't there. Apparently, plans, as they are often wont to do, changed. I did get to see several of my friends, which was very good.

Not of all my friends were at Don's, but they're excused since most of them are in Aspen having a lot of fun and reading my blog. Here's a shoutout to FP, LA, TD, Otherjay, and who else?

I personally think though that there are better things to do in Aspen than read my blog. You'd think that they'd be reading Raymond Chandler for instance.

TD and LA should be at the wedding tomorrow. It'll be good to see them. Heck, it'll be good to see my pla C tonight.

And it'll be great seeing Coppertop. I'm very happy for her and her upcoming marriage. However, I'm also going to be sad since her wedding celebration doubles as a farewell party. She and her soon-to-be husband are moving to Texas.


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