24 June 2007

Starkville Sunday Morning

I'm at my pla C's house trying to check my email1 and going through the various blogs I subscribe to via Google Reader. It's quiet.

I noticed in Marshall Ramsey's post this morning about UMC's dire need for trauma surgeons. I know the husband of the trauma surgeon who's leaving UMC at the end of the month.2 He's a colleague of mine at my college, and he, of course, will be also leaving. I'll miss him and wish them both the best of luck.

I checked out the Vampire Librarian's blog and saw this Youtube video. I thought it was cute, so I'm passing it along:

I think now I might get some coffee. I hope I won't have to dress up as a pirate.3

1It looks like my work webmail network might be down. I can't access it at the moment.

2I don't know his wife though.

3My eyepatch from the New Years party and St. Paddy's parade is still hanging on my car's rear view mirror just in case though.


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