28 June 2007

Get a bigger instrument

I just deleted a spam email that had that subject title. I suppose the filters at the college aren't as strict as they usually are.

I suppose all I needed was sleep. That, and perhaps someone calling me Hot Stuff.

I fell asleep sometime around 10:45 last night before I set the alarm. I woke up at just before 9:00 this morning.

I made it to the college at 11:30, ate lunch, and started work. I've been getting a lot of interlibrary loan requests from a female colleague of mine at the college. We've successfully taken care of the great majority of her requests.

I sent her an email letting her know that one of her requests arrived, and her response began HEY HOT STUFF! So, yeah, I'm cheered up.

One of my colleagues mentioned in an email this morning that she wanted to set up a table to promote a couple of things going on at the library. I could not remember whether the building where the faculty convocation takes place is set up for wireless,1 so I took my laptop over to the building to do a spot-check.

No wireless, so I go to talk to our IT folks. I run into the friend of mine who I had mentioned was leaving the college. We talk for a little while.

I mention what's up, and he walks me over to the person I need to talk to who happened to be on the phone. In the meantime, he introduces me to the new webmaster at the college, a person with whom I would normally communicate since making sure that the library's links to web resources are one of my responsibilities.

We talk for awhile, and he shows me some things are in the works as far as the college's web site is concerned. So far, I like. I like a lot actually.

After our talk, I speak to the IT guy about getting internet access in the building for convocation, and he says what can be done. The promotion is a doable project, and that's cool.

1When I read her email, I knew that we needed internet access for a proper promotion.


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