04 February 2007

Super Bowl Sunday

The Indianapolis Colts won. My Indiana relatives are happy.

My day has been pretty quiet. I woke up around 10:30 in the morning. I relaxed for a while.

Finally, I decided at around 2:00 this afternoon to head over to the gym. I was planning to eat quite a bit today and decided on a little workout to make me feel less guilty.

As it turned out, I was on the stationary bike for an hour-- a lot longer than I had planned. I suppose having a Diet Dr Pepper with me to drink helped.

I burned away about 550 calories and biked nearly 17 miles according to the odometer. While cooling down by walking a couple laps on the track, I recognized a student from one of the classes I had given a bibliographic instruction session this past week.

When I left the gym, I thought about heading over to Buffalo Wild Wings. I was in a wings mood, but the place was just too packed. If I knew anyone over there, I might have stayed. However, I didn't.

Instead, I went to Sal & Phil's. I've not eaten there in awhile. I've always liked the place ever since I ate there with my uncle a few years ago.

I watched the first quarter and a half of the Super Bowl there while dining1 and then headed on to the house. When I turned on the television, Prince was performing.

I might exercise some more tomorrow morning before I go to work. Perhaps one of those stationary bikes will be open again.

1Dungeness crab, salad, and Diet Dr Pepper.


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