30 January 2007

The Seven Deadly Sinuses

Work at the library went by fairly quickly today. I had a bibliographic instruction session. I talked about the resources can be found not only in the library, but also via electronic databases and web sites. It went well.

I've got to trim the lecture some for tomorrow. I've got two presentations for different sections of the same class (which is also taught by the same instructor), but MWF classes are fifty minutes long and TTh classes are an hour and fifteen minutes. I need think forest more than individual trees. The instructor liked how I handled things though. That's good.

Work at the reference desk went well as did interlibrary loan stuff-- nothing major, and no eighth request for that Tyler Perry book. I also was able to work a little on a couple of different projects.

This afternoon after work, I ran by the drug store to get some sinus medicine. Nasal congestion is not good.

I then went to a local gym to get a membership. I saw some people I knew and recognized over while filling out forms-- another local librarian, the instructor whose class I spoke to earlier today, another instructor, and a student from the college.

One thing that sucks is that I can't apply the costs of being a member of the gym to my medical reimbursement account. I can't write a check for several months (or even a year) membership and get reimbursed. Oh well.

I'm currently at Cups, but will head on out pretty soon. I really need to finish The Sea. I've had so much stuff going on, I've not been able to do much reading for tomorrow's book club meeting.

Thursday, Pezgirl and I are supposed to go to the gym. Afterwards, if I feel like it, I may head on over to Hal & Mal's for the Crossroads showing of The U.S. vs. John Lennon.

It should be interesting, and I rarely get a chance to see the movies shown by the society since they're usually shown on Monday nights when I'm at work. When movies are shown on other nights, I try to attend as often as possible-- not only to support the society, but also to try in some small way to demonstrate that there is a demand for seeing Crossroads movies on non-Monday nights.

Regular visitors to the blog may notice that I've changed up the font types and added links to my long, long, long list of links. I like to change things up every so often. We'll see how long this font type lasts.


At 31 January, 2007 10:12, Blogger The Topiary Cow said...

The Topiary Cow, for one, is happy to hear there were no swordfights, metaphorical or literal, during your bibliographic instruction lecture.

She will remember that though, should she ever find herself lecturing to a passel of inattentive undergrads.

Unless, of course, they're possessed of rapier-like wit. In which case, it would be a draw.


At 31 January, 2007 10:17, Blogger The Library Guy said...

Heh. No time for swordfights while lecturing. I'm afraid I pummeled the poor students this morning with one web site after another in a forty-minute span. Fortunately, the instructor mentioned that she would go over some of the databases with the students. She understands the time limitations.


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